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Replacement for EVEkill

For those of you who use EVEkill still, I would like to suggest you take a look at the EVE Dev killboard. It's free and open source just like EVEKill, and seems to be well looked after! You can see their sample board at http://www.eve-dev.net/killboard_testing/

Perhaps the only thing it doesn't do is integrate into your existing software, but then that's a pretty minor feature when all is said and done.

Posted by Stephen Edmonds 2006-12-21

EVEkill continues as RMR patch is released

The recently died EVEkill has been taken over by a new project admin. As this is his first SF project, forgive him his inexperience.

With the help of thedevo and ajpainter an update has been made for EvE-Online RMR. This new expansion of eve contains a new killmail format incompatible with the EVEkill system. EVEkill has now been patched and there is a patch available for downloading.

merry christmas!

Posted by Anonymous 2005-12-22

EVEkill Project Suspended

The EVEkill open source kill mail parser will no longer be developed by myself, as I have finally decided to retire from the world of EVE Online. The EVEkill project will remain on Sourceforge for people to use, and it is my hope that someone else will one day step up to lead development of it. The project will be put into an orphaned status in the not to distant future, meaning that any sourceforge account will be able to take project leadership. I wish you the best of luck.... read more

Posted by Stephen Edmonds 2005-07-17

New Ships Database Released

Ship Database Updated

A new update has been released containing the new Dreadnoughts and Freighters.

v0.1.6 is progressing very slowly and I have no excuses. Just a lack of motivation coding wise. Coders Block if you will.

Posted by Stephen Edmonds 2005-07-06

EVEkill 0.1.5.C Released!

I know it's not what you've been waiting for, but it's better than nothing. EVEkill v0.1.5.C is a minor update to allow EVEkill to properly handle the new alliance field on kill mails. I have also added in a new theme made by LJack2k. You can add it to your EVEkill from the admin control panel.

v0.1.6 is progressing nicely, although at this stage I have no idea when it will be ready for release.

Posted by Stephen Edmonds 2005-05-27

Development Statistics

The CVS stats can be seen at http://evekill.sourceforge.net/cvsstats/index.html

They contain facts and figures such as lines of code, as well as information about what I have been doing coding wise. Now everyone will be able to see when I am slacking off and when I am hard at work :-) They will be updated once a week as a minimum.

Posted by Stephen Edmonds 2005-05-25

Status Update

Project News Update:

I have finished my final piece of coursework and have handed it in. This now means I am free once more to work on EVEkill. I am current taking a short break from coding, and will be resuming EVEkill v0.1.6 work on Monday.

You can view the 4 pieces of work I have just completed at http://www.trippin.34sp.com/~chef/chef/myWork.html

Posted by Stephen Edmonds 2005-05-22

EVEkill In-Game Channel & XML Export Draft

EVEkill is now an in-game channel which I will be idling in whenever am I on EVE (I code in linux, so I can't be in EVE while i'm coding). Please remember that I may be AFK (eating, lecture/tutorial, etc) so don't expect me to answer everything that it said within 30 seconds! I will get back to you eventually :-)

EVEkill XML Exporting Standard 1.0 DRAFT - http://myeve.eve-online.com/ingameboard.asp?a=topic&threadID=154570... read more

Posted by Stephen Edmonds 2005-02-22

New Ships Database Released

All users of EVEkill should download and apply the new Ships Database (named EVE 3211). This database update includes the new faction ships.

EVEkill 0.1.4 or before:
Download EVEkill_v014_ships_update.zip and follow the instructions in the readme file.

EVEkill 0.1.5
Download EVEkill_v015_ships_update.zip and follow the instructions in the readme file.

Downloading the wrong update file will cause (fixable) problems.

Posted by Stephen Edmonds 2005-02-19

EVEkill v0.1.5 Released!

EVEkill v0.1.5 is now available for public download and installation. As usual, I suggest you back up your config.php file and your database BEFORE you attempt to upgrade.

Thanks go to shintoko (For a new auth module) and Harkov (For the in-game template).

As announced eariler, v0.1.5 does not have a search page. You can view a working demo of v0.1.5 at http://evekill.sourceforge.net/demo/index.php - This also works in you EVE in-game browser.

Posted by Stephen Edmonds 2005-02-01

New Auth Modules

Thanks go to shintoko for creating an auth module for Yabb SE (Version 1.55). This module will become a permant part of the EVEkill project in V 0.1.5. Until that time, you can download the module (And install instructions) from the "New Auth Modules" section of the Files page.

Posted by Stephen Edmonds 2005-01-22

EVEkill demo available

EVEkill now has a demo version available for you to use/test. You may upload kill mails, but you must be awear that ANYONE will be able to see everything you upload.


Posted by Stephen Edmonds 2005-01-15

EVEkill Roadmap Released

The roadmap for EVEkill development can now be viewed at:

This roadmap is NOT final. Features can be added, changed or even removed depending on how development goes and the feedback I recieve from the community. If there is a feature you think should be added/changed/moved to an eariler version, please submit a feature request.

Posted by Stephen Edmonds 2005-01-14

EVEkill 0.1.4 released!

A new version of EVEkill has been released. This version is a mainly graphical upgrade.

The next version will be delayed as I have two exams in the next week and a half.

Posted by Stephen Edmonds 2005-01-12

EVEkill 0.1.3 released!

It has been a long time coming, thanks mostly to my university work, but EVEkill 0.1.3 is now available for public download.

This version contains a complete automated installer which will create the database tables and the config.php file.

If you are upgrading, please back up your files first. I have not be able to test the updater on a live website, so there is a small chance of something going horribly wrong!... read more

Posted by Stephen Edmonds 2004-12-31

EVEkill Status Update

I was aiming to finish EVEkill 0.1.3 for December 25th, and it is a goal I almost achived. The only major feature that I haven't completed yet is an auth module for phpBB 2.0. However, I've had experiance with this before so it should not take too long to create.

I am currently testing the installer/upgrade scripts to ensure that no bugs slip out. I know they will anyway, but I might as well try to catch them early! :-)... read more

Posted by Stephen Edmonds 2004-12-25

EVEKill v0.1.3 Delayed

I have recieved a second piece of coursework for my university course, leaving me with even less time to code v0.1.3. However, this delay in coding will give me more time to design the kill parser to a better standard.

I strongly suggest not using v0.1.2. Currently, it does not store all the data from the kill mail, which was initially a design feature. However, some of the new stats I've come up with will require data that is currently missing (Security Status, Weapon kill made with, Final Blow. Everything else is stored).... read more

Posted by Stephen Edmonds 2004-11-18

EVEkill Version 0.1.2 Released

Version 0.1.2 of EVEkill has now been made available for general download.

Please note: This is the first release for this project. At the moment, there is no automated installation program. The database support is limited to MySQL 3/4. There are also only two authorisation modules at the moment, phpNUKE 7.4/7.5 or Invision Power Board 1.3.

Version 0.1.3 will be delayed due to university work.

Posted by Stephen Edmonds 2004-11-04

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