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eTktab / News: Recent posts

Italian Support

Italian language and keyboard support are available, thanks to Claudio Santucci!
Language support is in
Keyboard support in italia-3.2.etk
Claudio also provided an Italian eTktab webpage.

Keep the translations coming.

Posted by Jason Sonnenschein 2004-12-25

dvorak, france keyboard layout fixes

There were some syntax errors in the france and dvorak keyboard layouts that only showed up on some operating systems... they're fixed now... also fixed a problem with multiple functions assigned to the ';' key on dvorak keyboards... tuning window now pulls up via 't' key in the dvorak layout.

Posted by Jason Sonnenschein 2004-06-11

another OS X bugfix release

Another workaround for a problem in tcl/tk on Mac OS X. This workaround fixes displaying of most keyboard shortcuts in the menus. The new version is 3.22.

Posted by Jason Sonnenschein 2004-05-26

German language support

Many thanks to fresh corpse for providing all files necessary for German language support. Language support files are in fresh corpse also provided the keyboard support file deutschland-3.2.etk, and a German translation of the eTktab homepage.

Thanks again, and keep those translations coming!

Posted by Jason Sonnenschein 2004-04-15

French Language Support

Thanks to Stphane Peltier, eTktab can now be run in French, using the support files found in Stphane did all the necessary translations to make this work, and also translated the eTktab homepage.

In addition to the keyboards already supported, there are now new keyboard support files for Belgian, Swiss, French, and French-Canadian.

Volunteers are welcome for more language and keyboard support.

Posted by Jason Sonnenschein 2004-01-11

OS X only release eTktab 3.21

Just made a new release for OS X only... just a workaround for a bug that appears only on OS X regarding buttons in dialogs. The new file is listed under the 3.2 release

Posted by Jason Sonnenschein 2004-01-08

CVS repository populated

For those who would like to look at the long evolution of the code, check out the CVS repository. You can see the history of code revisions, going back to 1999.

Posted by Jason Sonnenschein 2003-12-03

eTktab 3.2 and file conversion utils released

eTktab 3.2 has been released... see release notes for details on the few new features and many bugfixes.

Also... ASCII tab import/export utilities are available in the 'etconv' package. They currently require perl and no point/click interface. If anyone would like to submit GUI versions back to me, I'll be glad to post them.


Posted by Jason Sonnenschein 2003-11-24

Upcoming software releases

eTktab 3.2 will be released within the next couple months. The release will include various bug fixes, and the following new features: whitespace allowed in tab scores (so they don't need to go to the end of the line), and auto-switching between text and tablature mode, based on where you click in the document.

French Translation files will also soon be available.

Last but not least... conversion utilities, so you can import tablature into eTktab and look at eTktab files without running the program. These are currently perl scripts that DO NOT provide file dialogs to get filenames. If you're a Windows or Mac user who knows how to GUI-ize a perl script, please contact me.

Posted by Jason Sonnenschein 2003-10-21

eTktab 3.1 Release

released eTktab 3.1 today... basically a bugfix release:


* Fixed bug with reading files from older versions
* Fixed bug when using pgdn key at end of document
* Fixed bug causing eTktab to ignore formatting info. in files
* Fixed bug causing wrong keybindings after opening a file, in some situations
* Fixed bug regarding backspace key in lyrics mode
* Mouse clicks now place cursor more accurately in lyrics mode
* Fixed bug regarding bad behavior when trying to run a second eTktab process in MS Windows
* Added extend/paste mouse bindings in lyrics mode
* Added a verification dialog when reverting preferences to defaults
* New MS Windows installer
* Fixed Mac OS Classic not being default app for 5-string tab files
* Thanks for the bug reports!!!!... read more

Posted by Jason Sonnenschein 2003-07-27

Upcoming changes

Multiple bugs have been reported, so a bug fix release will likely be coming soon, as eTktab 3.1

Changes include:
* 7 string tab mode
* able to read eTktab files created by older eTktab versions
* honors formatting in saved files
* pgdn no longer reports errors when near the end of the file
* perhaps better compatability with *BSD systems

Further new developments include...

some new keyboard and translation on the way
a batch file conversion utility, written in perl, and contributed by Juha Erkkila

Posted by Jason Sonnenschein 2003-06-16

FYI... upcoming features

I expect to have release 3.0 ready, sometime this winter. Changes include:
Lyrics insertion,editing
Printing (mac, *nix, and win)
Native Mac OS X support

Posted by Jason Sonnenschein 2002-10-24