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All support, development, tracker, etc is now managed at Please visit the new site, any forum or bug posts here will not be seen by the developer.

Posted by Help Center 2008-05-24

New eTicket Admin/Lead

This is to announce that eTicket has a new project lead. Jason Alexander has taken over the project, freeing up HM2K to pursue other interests.

Posted by Help Center 2008-05-19

eTicket v1.5.7 released!

I've decided to release eTicket v1.5.7.

There's many fixes and changes, I expect most of ypu will be happy.

This release is stable.

Posted by HM2K 2008-04-25

eTicket v1.5.7 RC1 coming soon!

I decided to skip from v1.5.6 straight to v1.5.7 as I've changed so much since the last RC release of v1.5.6.

Major changes include...

Split code from HTML.
MUCH faster main page.
One settings file instead of two.

There are still some features and tweaks in the pipeline, but providing there are no fatal bugs, I hope to release the release candidate in the next few days, and then start working on the next release...... read more

Posted by HM2K 2008-03-26

eTicket v1.5.6 RC4

Today a problem was discovered in the "main.php", which caused an XSS vulnerability.

We have identified the problem, and fixed it accordingly.

XSS bugs are generally low risk, however they can potentially cause problems. In this case for users logged in via "admin.php".

We recommend you upgrade asap. You should only realistically need to upgrade "main.php".

Posted by HM2K 2008-01-04

eTicket v1.5.6 RC3

There was a few bugs in RC2, so we've fixed them and released RC3.

We have resolved all the known bugs, so hopefully this will be the last RC prior to the official release.

Please report any bugs.

Note, if you are desperate for any particular features, please contact me via email and I will review them. (Please ensure you have a feature request tracker open first).

Merry Christmas!

Posted by HM2K 2007-12-21

osTicket rebirth

News just in...

I received an email from peter today asking me to announce the VERY LONG awaited (over 2 years) release of an all new osTicket.

The last version of osTicket was v1.3.1 and was released in 2005, since then we've heard very little from osTicket.

It now seems they have decided against releasing osTicket v2.0 (or the expected v1.4) and instead released it as osTicket v1.6, which is the same as our next major release, so don't get confused! ;)... read more

Posted by HM2K 2007-12-21

eTicket v1.5.6 RC2

There was a couple of major bugs in RC1, these have now been fixed in RC2.

They include a bug in the tables, that prevented a fresh setup from being completed correctly and another bug was in the, relating to the way boundaries were processed.

These bugs are a result of not fully testing some last minute changes, there should be no more bugs, please test.

Posted by HM2K 2007-11-16

eTicket v1.5.6 RC1

I realise some of you have been awaiting v1.5.6 for some time now, so here it is!

I have decided to release this as a Release Candidate, if you are unsure about using this, don't use it.

This version has been heavily tested, and there are no known bugs at present.

The release candidate period will allow you to test it as if it's the official release, only if a bug or problem is found, you can still report it prior to the official release.... read more

Posted by HM2K 2007-11-12

eTicket v1.5.6 release very soon!

I am really happy to announce that eTicket v1.5.6 will be released very soon.

I've fixed all the known bugs and more.

I've also addressed all the feature requests, with only a few unresolved requests.

I have just a few more features to add, then I will release a beta for testing prior to the official release.

Alternatively you may test the SVN version NOW.

Posted by HM2K 2007-09-25

Beta testers wanted!

I've made lots of changes in the latest eTicket (SVN), and it will soon be ready for the next official release.

I hope to have lots of you test it and give me feedback on it.

I've fixed lots of bugs and issues already, and i'd like to add some features (already listed ones).

So, I am looking forward to your feedback.

Thanks for your support.

Posted by HM2K 2007-09-06

eTicket v1.5.5.2 released!

This is the latest release of eTicket, it fixes many of the known bugs and issues.

There are no new features in this version, although I intend on adding a few new features in the upcoming releases.

Posted by HM2K 2007-07-20

eTicket v1.5.5.2 release soon

I'm looking at releasing this very soon, just finishing up all the bug fixes, then it will be released.

Posted by HM2K 2007-07-14

eTicket Security Tip

It's come to my attention that some of you may be running eTicket with register_globals set to "On" in your "php.ini".

Don't. eTicket is not designed to run with register_globals as "On".

Ensure you have register_globals set to the "Off" position.

With this in mind, I have added the unregister_GLOBALS() function to the top of "init.php", this will solve the problem in future releases.

Posted by HM2K 2007-06-29

Busy busy busy...

As some of you are aware I am very busy at the moment.

The reason for this is that I am putting a lot of energy into my business at the moment, without this I do not earn a living.

Therefore over the next few months my responses will be limited, and I will only deal with bugs.

After this period, I intend on starting on eTicket v2 along side eTicket v1.

Thanks for your support, please help each other.

Posted by HM2K 2007-06-20

eTicket v1.5.5.1

Somewhat long awaited. It's here!

I'm not sure what else to say other than, this is mostly a bug fix release.

I hope this helps some of you.

Posted by HM2K 2007-06-13

eTicket Demo

Due to so many requests I have decided to create a new project based on eTicket which will also act as a Demo.

FixR -

I hope you all find this useful, I hope that this project pushes eTicket's development further.

Posted by HM2K 2007-06-12

eTicket v1.5.5.1 due for release

I am due to release the next release of eTicket before the end of this month.

This will include bug fixes, and a fix to an XSS bug that has been identified.

Unfortunately I have been busy with my business and my family of recent so have had little time to concentrate on eTicket.

I do encourage that you help each other and be positive to the community spirit to progress eTicket onto the next generation.... read more

Posted by HM2K 2007-05-28

eTicket v1.5.5 released

Today eTicket v1.5.5 was released to the general public for download via

Posted by HM2K 2007-04-11

eTicket v1.5.5 due for release soon

I am planning on releasing eTicket v1.5.5 by the end of this week.

There has been many new features added and lots of bug fixes.

I am hoping some of you out there can try the SVN version and check for bugs prior to the release date.

If you are interested in being a beta tester or developer see the "support tracker", there is a post which mentions the latest SVN, contact me via that.


Posted by HM2K 2007-03-27

New Site

I've updated the old site with a new stylish one.

You can find it here:

This page will also be included in the next version of eTicket as "readme.html".

If you have any suggestions of things to include in this file that might be useful, let me know.

Posted by HM2K 2007-03-14

eTicket v1.5.4

This is the very latest version of eTicket.

This release is mostly made up of better code and bug fixes as per user requests and such.

I have been hanging back from releasing this as I've been waiting for people to test it and give me feedback.

I'm happy enough people have given enough feedback to justify this release and solve a few of your problems.

Posted by HM2K 2007-01-15

eTicket v1.5.3

I know these releases have been very close together but I have spent quite a lot of time trying to fix all known bugs and add resolve some known problems.

I'm fairly confident that I have fixed these issues. And on that note:


Changes between eTicket v1.5.2 and v1.5.3 are as follows:

# new button set for the eTicket theme
# fixed user login/logout
# added charset and better language decoding (BIG FIX)
# better attachment support
# better XSS bug fix
# fixed the B & R bug
# added language support/decoding for
# fixed attachments for
# added banlist support for pop3 automail
# better error reporting
# better styling for the eTicket theme
# slash support for the installer (adjustable for windows users)
# fixed min_interval problem
# better status reporting/checking for viewticket
# better time period seach
# new message displayed when you have no tickets left
# fixed the hidden catagories from being displayed from clients
# removed fn.php - none of the functions are required
# added button_bg.gif so you can create your own buttons
# cleaner html code

Posted by HM2K 2007-01-07

eTicket v1.5.2

I have released this version very quickly as there's major bugs in previous versions due to major bugs that come from the original osTicket.

I have resolved these bugs now and I recommend anyone using osTicket STOP using it.

Posted by HM2K 2007-01-05

eTicket v1.5.1

What so soon?

Yes, I spent the past 2 days bug fixing for eTicket.

I've now removed all the problems, fixed many bugs, added many fixes, and it works perfectly.

This was called 1.5.1 to make sure that people stopped downloading the v1.5 as I noticed a couple of bugs causing problems for people.

Posted by HM2K 2007-01-05