#69 NEWS: Suggestions for the etherboot User Manual

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Dear Reader.

Because I have some news/suggestions for the etherboot
users manual, I wrote to the primary author: Ken Yap.

Here is the answer:

Hello Borg,

Thanks for you contribution. I am not involved in
Etherboot anymore but
I'm sure that if you posted your contribution to the
Sourceforge web
site, under the Bug Tracker forum, it will be picked up and
incorporated into future versions.

You could also email your comments to the Etherboot
user list.

Cheers, Ken

--- "Borg No. One" <borg_no.one@gmx.net> wrote:

> Hi.
> Reffering to this:
> -->
> Hardware issues
> ---------------
> Finally some recent motherboard have flash BIOSes
which contain space
> where
> an extension BIOS such as Etherboot can be inserted.
> The Phoenix Award BIOSes can be modified using a
program called
> cbrom.exe.
> Or do a Web search for it. No success has been
reported for AMI
> BIOSes.
> Dirk von Suchodoletz maintains a list of successes
and failures here.
> ...and further "ethorboot<-->BIOS" related stuff,
> I would like to inform you, that I am able to even modify
> + new AMIBIOS8 files
> + Award Medallion BIOS
> + Phoenix Award BIOS.
> + ...
> It would be great if you could mention
> + my homepage: "http://bnobtc.pix-art.com"
> + my service to help other users who want to add
etherboot roms to
> different
> and new BIOS-FLASHRoms.

In conclusion:

It would be great, if following (or similar phrases)...:

"If you have troubles to add etherboot ROMs to new
Award / AMI / Phoenix BIOS files,
then just check the BNOBTC - [ BIOS Tool Collection ]
or ask the author to get help in adding an etherboot
ROM to your BIOS file.

...could be added here:


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