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Hi all
I am using etherboot-5.3.14 for "netstrapping" a PC104
equipped with an 82559er NIC. etherboot gives me a
message about "Valid link not established". After
commented out the network cable detect at the end of
the eepro100_probe() function, all goes well and I am
able to download a Linux kernel.
Maybe one of the following is true:
- the 82559er does not have "network cable inserted"
flag in the MII layer
- there is a bug in the detect code
NIC PCI id: 0x8086,0x1029

Thanks you all for this great software.


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2005-03-11

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    Not sure what the appropriate fix would be, a compile time
    option to disable link checking or try to track down what
    the story is with the this piece of hardware. The 0x1029
    model is pretty classic. Maybe Intel has released a "lite"
    version with no link detect?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2005-03-11
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  • Timothy Legge

    Timothy Legge - 2005-03-11

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    This looks to be a simple fix. I believe the Linux driver
    simply checks to see whether a Phy exists before trying it.
    I will look at it shortly BUT it would be nice to know who
    logged this so they could test the patch...

  • Gabriele Galeotti

    Logged In: YES

    Excuse me for the glitch, I forgot to login with my proper
    name into SF with this bug report. I am willing to test the
    patch as soon as you will release it.

    Thanks you again.

  • Timothy Legge

    Timothy Legge - 2005-03-20

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    Try the attached patch. It basically checks to see whether
    a phy exists and if not, ignore the cable check.

    This is currently untesred I am afraid...

  • Timothy Legge

    Timothy Legge - 2005-03-20

    Patch for eepro100


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