• Maxime Froment

    Maxime Froment - 2000-07-27

    What is the license for Eterm (0.8.10 and 0.9)?

    The homepage on SourceForge says it is BSD + MIT.
    Both tarballs on contain
    the COPYING file for GPL, but the file says
    BSD for 0.9 and GPL for 0.8.10. On Freshmeat, they say GPL.

    So, what is it, really?

    -- Max --

    • Michael Jennings

      Both.  Most of Eterm uses the BSD license with the advertising clause.  A
      few files still contain old xvt code which is under John Bovey's original
      freeware license.  The Etbg utility was written by someone else and is GPL.

      Eventually it will all be BSD. :-)


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