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Essence Quant 0.2.0

Addition Solvers and tests.

Posted by Peter Lawrey 2008-03-02

Essence Quant 0.1.0

Added a simple Black-Scholes option pricer and Monte Carlo simulation framework.
The Monte Carlo simulation automatically uses all available processors to minimize pricing latency.

Posted by Peter Lawrey 2008-02-29

Essence 0.75 has testing improvements.

Ken Gentle has added Emma coverage reports (which are now on the web site) and added to tests to cover 100% of classes and 75% of methods.

Posted by Peter Lawrey 2007-04-17

Essence 0.74 uses improved unit testing.

- A Benchmark class provides a performance testing harness.
- JvmMetrics takes a snapshot of JVM statistics available JMX.
- Each unit test uses JvmMetrics to determine the CPU, elapse time, memory, threads and MBeans used by each test. This can used to provide fine grain data on the performance characteristics of the functionality exercised by each test.

Posted by Peter Lawrey 2007-03-10

Essence JMS 0.73 takes advantage of improved clustering

No changes to Essence JMS code base were required, however one test needed to be altered.
While Essence Java Framework has had over one hundred changes, the first sample program Essence JMS is largely unchanged and able to use the improvements.

Posted by Peter Lawrey 2007-02-24

Essence 0.73 has significantly improved testing.

As a result it hase 22 fixes and enhancements.

A summary of changes

Bug fixes
1667472 Ensure clear() also performs a flush() for all collections
1667460 Getters which start with has or is must be boolean.
1667459 Use a standard prefix for system properties
1667454 DataSockets must close when in FINISHED state
1667451 Command line properties should override ContainerProperties
1667450 Fix a race condition where new callbacks to a set miss event
1667443 Ensure cache test drop resources cleanly.
1667441 Ensure the Socket server is shutdown correctly... read more

Posted by Peter Lawrey 2007-02-24

The Essence web site is available again.

The Essence web site is available again after being unavailable for a few days.

Posted by Peter Lawrey 2007-02-19

Essence 0.72 improves JCache support.

Since 0.70, Essence has added
- A working sample program used in an article.
- A fast light weight cache implmentation which is many times times faster than previously available.
- Improved robustness.

Posted by Peter Lawrey 2007-02-19

The last release upload was empty.

I re-released 0.70 now. The mirrors could take some time to get the proper copy. The stats are showing the downloads have been attempted but the volume is still 0 MB. I have downloaded essence fine from Kent, UK.

Posted by Peter Lawrey 2007-01-28

Article on testing clustered components.

Posted by Peter Lawrey 2007-01-26

Essence 0.70 improves cluster support.

Support for slave nodes within a Cluster. Currently only master nodes are supported.
Eviction policies, LRU and FIFO.
SQL level JDBC support.
Additional tests on Linux.

Posted by Peter Lawrey 2007-01-26

Essence 0.69 improves testing.

- This release has significantly more unit tests.
The unit tests have increased from 2,500 lines to 6,800 lines.

- Added eviction support for clustered collections.

Posted by Peter Lawrey 2007-01-07

Essence 0.68 improve network bandwidth and JCache support.

- Cluster store meta data extends CacheEntry<K,V> extends Map.Entry<K,V>
This changed the data format and how snap shots and bootstraps are sent.

- Made Datable binary format safer. Support given for objects which write more or less data or have incompatible versions of data.

- Correct @ThreadSafe doco and Immutable(false) supported.

- Improved CacheEntry statistics support for all fields except getCost(). LastAccessTime must be enabled to be recorded.... read more

Posted by Peter Lawrey 2006-12-24

Essence Roadmap posted

To see the current road map, click

Posted by Peter Lawrey 2006-12-21

Essence 0.67 improves network utilisation

In Essence 0.67 has a number of enhancements over version 0.65
- Improved multi-threaded components and logical processes support.
- Improved data serialization for file storage and network transfers. As much as 5x smaller than standard serialization.
- Support for compressed network and file storage.
- Improved memory resource usage and cleanup. Thank you YourKit!
- Fisheye link added.

Posted by Peter Lawrey 2006-12-17

Essence 0.65 improves robustness and documentation

Robustness improvements and performance tuning.
Code clean.

Posted by Peter Lawrey 2006-12-01

Essence 0.60 delivers high performance HA

Essence 0.60 has been tested in 4-way persistent mastering configuration where it performed over 50,000 updates per second and 5,000,000 reads per second concurrently.

Posted by Peter Lawrey 2006-11-25

Essence 0.5 release on SourceForge.

For documentation see

Posted by Peter Lawrey 2006-11-11

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