#27 conditional bidding


Sometime I'm bidding on an item from a seller who is also selling other stuff that I wouldn't buy alone because of the shipping cost, but would definitely bid on it if I won the first item as the combined shipping will then be lower.

I'm looking for a way in the bidding config file to say:
bid on item A for $xx
bid on item B for $yy, only if I won item A


  • Scott Nicol

    Scott Nicol - 2010-08-15

    esniper can't do this, and probably never will. However, you could do this with a shell script, watching the output to see if item A won, then firing up another esniper to bid on item B.

  • Bodo

    Bodo - 2010-08-15

    I thought about similar things: bid on more articles if the total price of the already won articles is less than a certain amount or define the highest bid for the next auction on the results of other auctions. I might want to buy up to 5 articles for a total maximum of $40. Instead of using $8 as maximum bid for all articles I might start with $10 for the first two auctions and for the next ones divide the remaining money by the number of open auctions. (Shipping costs ignored to make it simple.)

    I agree that such things are too complex to implement in esniper. But for external scripting it might be good if esniper would have an option to write all necessary information for the script to a file in machine-readable format.


    The name of the output file can be specified as a command line parameter or in the auction list file. If not specified or when using a specific placeholder the name should contain the auction ID.



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