#623 esniper not bidding on auctions


When the auction list contains an auction where the user is currently the highest bidder, esniper will sleep until that auction's ending time is reached. This will cause it to miss all auctions ending before that one.

The core of this problem lies in the compareAuctionInfo() function, which puts currently winning auctions in front of all others. This was probably done to ensure that the user does not end up with unwanted items. However, if, for example, the user wants to win five items and has manually put a bid on the last one ending, esniper will never bid on any of the other auctions, unless he gets overbid on that one. And even then esniper might miss all auctions in up to the next 24 hours because it went to sleep.


  • Tone Irene Andersen

    I have the same issue.. It doesn't bid on auctions that ends fairly soon. How do we start esniper differently to update its auction information so we dont miss auctions?

  • Bodo

    Bodo - 2014-01-08

    I guess the manual bid is to prevent someone else to use the Buy-it-now option.

    To fix the problem I can imagine two possible changes:

    Esniper could count the winning auctions and the already won auctions and put the winning auctions in front of the others only if the maximum number of articles to buy is reached.


    An option not to put winning auctions (which did not yet end) in front of others. This means the user must know what he is doing and may end up with additional articles he has to pay for.

    The second approach is probably easier to implement.


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