#134 Broken and Obsolete services

Core Model (79)

As the ESI folks surely know, there are numerous legacy services in
the ESI Objects core model. In almost all cases, these services
duplicate functionality offered elsewhere in the system.

While there are many for which retention may be justified to support
any legacy code which still uses them, there are others that simply
do not work--and unless there is an intent that they be fixed, I think
they should be removed entirely. The ESI Objects core model is far
more complex than it needs to be, simply because of all the excess
old code and duplicate cruft.

All that said, I intend to add obsolete services to this bug report as I
encounter them. I welcome similar contributions from anyone else.
Please explain why you think the service is obsolete and a candidate
for deletion.

First service:

Name: ESI$Class.DeleteNestedClass
Problem: Completely broken
Replaced by: ESI$Class.RemoveClass


  • Eric Lambart

    Eric Lambart - 2004-07-02

    Logged In: YES

    Name: ESI$VariableDefinition.Relationship
    Problem: Property has NO accessor methods defined.
    Suggestion: Delete property and I%Relationship variable, unless the
    variable is actually used somewhere.

  • Eric Lambart

    Eric Lambart - 2004-07-03

    Logged In: YES

    Name: ESI$Property.AccessorMask
    Problem: Obsolete (dates to 1996, only supports 3 accessor types),
    probably not used anywhere.
    Probably replaced by: ESI$Interface.GetAccessorMask


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