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Beta Release a few days behind schedule

Due to a rather ambitious outgrowth of planned features, the new beta version will be a bit delayed than originally planned.

Now we hope to see the new beta coming out in the first week of September, 2012.

Posted by Kashif Imran 2012-08-31

New Release Coming Soon!

We are just about to finalize Math Editor's next release with great many enhancements and improvements.

We hope to finish everything by the end of August 2012!

Posted by Kashif Imran 2012-08-09


Math Editor version 1.0.3 has been released. The new version adds enhanced support for divisions as well as partial support for Integrals. Layout of Brackets has also been improved.

Work is in progress. So keep visiting for updates.

Posted by Kashif Imran 2011-03-07

Documentation for developers

Partial documentation explaining Math Editor's core engine has been released. It is available for download as part of the new release of Math Editor (V.1.0.2) as well as separately. The documentation is still being developed. So keep visiting for newest versions.

Posted by Kashif Imran 2011-03-03

Math Editor 1.0.2 Released

Version 1.0.2 of Math Editor has been made available for download. The image export facility has been improved. Navigation and editing have also been made better.

Posted by Kashif Imran 2011-03-03

New Feature

A small but very useful new feature included.
In addition to Math Editor's binary format, you can now export your work as image for using inside other documents.

Posted by Kashif Imran 2011-02-28