#25 Group classes


Is it possible to have customised groupings of object
types? I've modified my own local copy of Epydoc 2.1 so
that in the class listing, you have a section which
says "All plugin classes" - see:

Is it possible to be able to put some tag to create
these customised groupings?


  • Edward Loper

    Edward Loper - 2006-03-27

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    Can you provide the URL of a page within your api docs
    that contains the "All plugin classes" listing? I looked
    through several module pages and couldn't find one.

    For now, the only way to do this is by defining groups.
    This can be done with the @group tag or with special group-
    start and group-end comments. This will just make groups
    within the "Classes" listing; it won't create a separate

    Eventually, I'd like to make epydoc extensible -- i.e.,
    I'd like to make it so you can define a new subclass of
    APIDoc, and register some plugins to docintrospecter and
    docparser (and maybe the output generators?) to process
    them. But that probably won't be available for a while.

  • Allan Crooks

    Allan Crooks - 2006-03-27

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    Look at the bottom of this page:

    I appreciate the @group tag, and I do use it - but the
    problem is that the "Everything" list might become too big.
    I just wanted a way of grouping certain classes together so
    I could put them near the end (they are much less
    "important" than other classes).

    It's a minor thing though, and something I can live without,
    so don't feel obliged to move it further up your to do list. :)


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