#2 Option to leave docstrings 'raw'

Gyro Funch

It would be useful to have an option for epydoc not to
use epytext markup found in docstrings. Sometimes,
there is unintentional overlap between the characters
I've chosen in my docstrings and the 'special'
characters that epytext uses as indicators of
formatting requests. Instead of having to escape all of
them, being able to leave these docstrings 'raw' in the
markup would be great .


  • Edward Loper

    Edward Loper - 2003-02-26

    Logged In: YES

    This is already supported, in two ways:
    1. You can use the "--docformat" command line
    option to specify to specify the default language
    for docstrings. Currently, only 2 languages are
    supported: plaintext and epytext. (See the man
    page for more info.)
    2. To specify a markup language on a per-module
    basis, set the special variable "__docformat__" to
    "plaintext". (This is consistant with PEP 258).

    Currently, it is *not* possible to set the markup
    language at a granularity any finer than the module.
    But I believe that using different markup languages in
    the same module is confusing and not terribly useful.

  • Edward Loper

    Edward Loper - 2003-02-26
    • assigned_to: nobody --> edloper
    • status: open --> closed

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