#16 Ability to hide implementation details

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Robin Dunn

Using the new wx package several of the core submodules
are imported into the package namespace so the
programmer doesn't have to worry about explicitly
importing those submodules. For example, instead of
using wx.core.Window the programmer will just use
wx.Window. It would be nice to be able to cause epydoc
to document the objects in those submodules as if they
were actually in wx itself? That way the reader of the
docs still won't have to know anything about the
implementation details and the docs will accurately
reflect how it is supposed to be used.


  • Robin Dunn

    Robin Dunn - 2004-04-26

    Logged In: YES

    Attached is a patch that implements this (along with a
    cumulation of my other patches that havn't been checked in yet.)

    I also noticed that sometimes a duplicate ObjectUID could be
    created for modules and classes due to the use of
    ObjectUID() instead of make_uid in the parent(),
    _findname(), etc. methods so I changed all of them to

  • Robin Dunn

    Robin Dunn - 2004-04-27

    Logged In: YES

    BTW, while googling around about this I noticed some
    comments from Python folks that maybe __all__ shouldn't be
    overloaded like this (public vs. private) for doc tools.
    Was that resolved? Or should epydoc be changed to use a
    __doclocal__ list?


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