#7 RTK-C-Sample under Windows?

C Sample

Strangely, from my W2K box, I can connect using the
command-line openssl.exe to Afilias. Using the code
from the RTK-C-Sample.c to do the exact same thing
with the exact same certificate files results in them
complaining that I have a "bad" certificate. Their
reading of this is that it has something to do with
certificate chains.

Has anybody gotten this to work, and if so, how have
they done it??


  • Daniel Manley

    Daniel Manley - 2001-10-23
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  • Daniel Manley

    Daniel Manley - 2001-10-23
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    • milestone: --> C Sample
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  • Daniel Manley

    Daniel Manley - 2002-03-27

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    hmm... I have asked some people for input and none have come
    forward. I personally would not be able to help since I
    don't do development in W2K. Have you had any luck since
    posting this?

  • Pierre Landau

    Pierre Landau - 2002-03-27

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    I gave up on the RTK sample and used the garbage code from
    the openssl command line program. This code is FULL of
    definitions of objects (BIO especially) that are never
    visibly used; on the other hand, if they are removed, it
    compiles but doesn't work. I suppose this is what you get
    when you use public domain code with no active support
    In the end, I got the thing to work, at the cost of ten to
    fifteen pages of extraneous code copied from various pieces
    of openssl.

  • Daniel Manley

    Daniel Manley - 2002-06-18

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    close due to lack of response from the submitter. If this is
    still a problem, feel free to reopen this bug or submit a new one.

  • Daniel Manley

    Daniel Manley - 2002-06-18
    • status: open --> closed

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