#16 Toolkit cannot parse empty tags.

RTK Java 0.3.10

I had trouble parsing responses from Afilias' test
server while testing our registration engine. Here's
the abbreviated bug report.

I added a contact without contact phone
number...Having done that I tried the contact info
command using the epp-rtk-java and returned an xml
request with empty tags
This output cannot be parsed by the epp-rtk-java ver
0.3.5 toolkit. ...The way I understand the protocol,
you should just leave out the elements and not send
empty tags, so I would suggest your implementation is

I then added a (voice) phone number, and your server
now returned ... Notice how the addition of a voice
phone number eliminates not only the empty
<contact:voice/> tag, which is of course now nonempty,
but also eliminates the empty <contact:sp/> and
<contact:fax/> tags. Strange. This parses just fine
and is in agreement as far as I understand with the

Afilias claims everything is OK and the toolkit's to
blame. In that event consider the bug report filed. I
attach the two xml sampels concatenated into one file.


  • Claus Dahl

    Claus Dahl - 2001-07-18

    Logged In: YES

    The problem porbably comes from line 225 in rev 1.4 of
    EPPContactInfo.java, where the contents of the voice tag
    are checked without caring whether the tag is empty:

    action_response_.m_voice.m_value = _node.getFirstChild

    It's still a question whether the empty tag should be sent
    at all though.

  • Daniel Manley

    Daniel Manley - 2001-10-23
    • milestone: 131905 --> RTK Java 0.3.10
    • assigned_to: nobody --> lyin

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