Guido Wedorp - 2004-03-04

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This sounds nice ;) I have to say that I don't know much
about wiki's, they seem to be in use everywhere, especially
in the Python world, but I haven't used them very often, but
the idea does appeal to me. I guess the most basic form
could do a lot with plain XSLT transformations to convert
the XHTML Epoz produces to Wiki markup (it's stored in some
form of markup, isn't it?) and then one could add
wiki-specific tools (the things in the sidebar)
along the way... As I said, I'm not too affiliated with
wiki's (yet?) but I really like the idea.
Pity it took so long before I found your posting though, I
hardly ever check this page (for the more commonly used
channels check\)
so I don't know if you're still interested, but if you are,
drop me a line ( and we can surely work
something out. I don't have much time to spare but I guess
it won't take much work to get some basic stuff working, if
you can provide me with more details...