#2 Textarea default missing

Tom Lisjac

The original version of Epoz would default to a textarea if the client browser didn't support the Epoz javascript. Version 1.0.1 doesn't. Konqueror and Dillo produce chaotic displays of horizontal bars, icons and text when visiting the project's demo url. Lynx faults out with a "bad html" message.

Sites that use the 1.0.1 version of Epoz will be broken and look bad on these browsers. Please fix/restore the textarea default feature.


  • Guido Wedorp

    Guido Wedorp - 2004-03-04

    Logged In: YES

    Sorry for not responding earlier, we generally use another
    issue tracker for Epoz, and I don't check this one too
    often. For more information, see
    About the issue: this is currently indeed not covered, and
    I'm unsure of how to tackle it: the previous version of Epoz
    (0.x) added itself to an HTML page using document.write,
    which can easily be contained in a conditional, so it was
    easy to show something else when it detected the browser
    wasn't capable of showing it, and will by default not show
    anything in browsers that didn't even support JavaScript.
    The new version is fully built up from HTML elements, so can
    therefore not be 'hidden' using JavaScript or CSS if those
    technologies aren't available (and it's a lot less easy to
    remove all that stuff even if they are).
    I just wrote a small document (not checked in yet ;) that
    describes how to do 'graceful degradation' using server-side
    techniques, I guess for now using those would be the best
    advise I can give you. If you can think of a good way to
    overcome the problems I mentioned earlier, please let me know ;)

  • Guido Wedorp

    Guido Wedorp - 2004-07-15

    Logged In: YES

    Note that the 1.x branch continued development under a new
    name, Kupu, and will be distributed from a new website,


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