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Undefined references

  • Lorenzo J. Lucchini

    I must be missing something really stupid, but do you have a clue to give me about why I get a lot of 'undefined reference's if I try to use EPOC32's classes (or at least most of them, apparently some work, like RDevComm)?

    Say that I want to compile the TOPX example application (a template for OPX's); I issue

    arm-epoc-pe-gcc -Znoemx -shared -loplr topx.cpp

    and I get

    /tmp/ccQHESeo.o(.text+0x10):example.cpp: undefined reference to `OplAPI::PopInt32(void)'
    /tmp/ccQHESeo.o(.text+0x10):example.cpp: relocation truncated to fit: ARM_26 OplAPI::PopInt32(void)

    Running gcc verbose, it seems to find the relevant library and all that.

    • Eberhard Mattes

      Eberhard Mattes - 2004-05-17

      Put any -l switches after all the other input files.


    • Lorenzo J. Lucchini

      But... but... ARGH! When I said "something really stupid" I couldn't even fathom... :-D
      Well, head-against-the-wall aside, at least it works now, thanks.


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