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Epiar 0.5.0 Release Candidate Now Available

A release candidate version of Epiar 0.5.0 is now available. Please test this version and alert us of any bugs by posting to the epiar-devel mailing list.

We are also looking for maintainers for various platforms. If you're interested in packaging Epiar and building a binary distribution for your platform (Windows, Fedora, Ubuntu, OS X, etc.), please contact us.

Posted by DuMuT6p 2011-05-15

Epiar 0.4.2 Released

The Epiar Development Team is pleased to announce the availability of version 0.4.2 of Epiar. Version 0.4.2 is both a maintenance and feature release and is recommended for all interested players. Highlights include:

* Shield Bars (No Shield visuals yet)
* Adjustable power distributions
* Aesthetic improvements (cleaner windows, better loading screens, etc)
* Two Basic Missions: "Transport a passenger" and "Destroy a Pirate"
* Numerous bug fixes... read more

Posted by DuMuT6p 2010-12-07

Epiar 0.4.1 Released

The Epiar Development Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Epiar version 0.4.1 (0.4.0 has not been made available due to minor release issues).

Version 0.4.0 is our latest installment in our march toward creating an open source, action-packed, exciting space arcade trading simulation. Among the many new features of this release, we've added:

* Music and sound
* A more complex and usable Lua scripting interface
* Ability to board a ship
* Weapons and basic combat
* Jump gates and an expanded universe... read more

Posted by DuMuT6p 2010-11-07

Version 0.1.0 Now Available

The Epiar project has rebooted it's version numbering in response to a new development effort that includes a C++-based source tree and OpenGL graphics. We have worked hard and are releasing version 0.1.0.

Epiar 0.1.0 is not so much the original game concept as it is a technical demo: to demonstrate our new Lua-based scripting capabilities, it includes a game of tag. In future releases, this will be removed and the game will develop fully as the space trader/strategy/shooter game that we know and love.... read more

Posted by Christopher Thielen 2009-11-12

Epiar Development: Call for Developers

Hi folks,
Our deadlines have come and gone, and it's not due to a lack of interest - we need any interested C++ game developers to apply. See http://epiar.net/ for details!

Posted by Christopher Thielen 2009-10-29

Epiar.net back up early

Epiar.net should be back up now for all those concerned. Be sure to check out the official website, www.epiar.net, for screenshots, news, and an updated Subversion repository. Our sourceforge.net holdings may or may not be as up to date.

Posted by Christopher Thielen 2009-05-27

Epiar.net down until Tuesday, May 22, 2009

Apologies to those of you attempting to access the site, mailing lists, or Subversion accounts, but due to problems with the host, epiar.net is down until Tuesday, May 22, 2009. No data has been lost and no hardware needs replacing.

Posted by Christopher Thielen 2009-05-22

Epiar 0.7.0 Development and epiar.net

Hello Sourceforgers!
The official website for Epiar is www.epiar.net. While we will be using Sourceforge's file hosting and CVS services, we will be posting more up to date material on epiar.net and hope you will use that website for more information.

Also, if you'd like to help out programming, designing graphics, translating, or even just beta testing, please contact me.

Thanks! Enjoy the 0.5.0 stable release while we work on 0.7.0, which (already) includes mercenary missions for hire amongst other features.

Posted by Christopher Thielen 2007-12-07

Epiar 0.6.0 On the Way

Epiar 0.6.0, in development for over a year and a half, is almost ready. After numerous changes to the development lineup, the originally planned features will be available in a 0.6.0 release of Epiar. Expect a beta test in the next month and a half.

Epiar is a space arcade/simulation game which pits the player as the ultimate space citizen, starting out with little money and a small ship, trading, taking missions, and other activities to gain money and purchase upgrades, new ships, and ultimately gain control of the galaxy! Epiar is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, as well as any POSIX compliant system. Please see the epiar-0.6.0 CVS tag for current source code.

Posted by Christopher Thielen 2006-09-26

Epiar 0.5.0 Released

Get it today, source code for Linux, Win32 and FreeBSD. Binary form for Win32, enjoy!

Posted by Wes Waugh 2004-01-29

0.5.0-pre1 Released

0.5.0-pre1 has been released! This version represents a lot of work on Epiar. FInd out more at www.epiar.net and comment about it or post your thoughts for the next version at forums.epiar.net. Enjoy!

Posted by Christopher Thielen 2003-07-17

Epiar 0.2.0 Released

It's finally here! Epiar 0.2.0 Final has been officially released! This time, quite playable. So, Privates, get to your ships, upgrade those weapons, board and pillage your enemy and get money to buy better ships and weaponry!

Features include...

* Planet landing screens
* Buying upgrades
* Buying new ships
* Jump gates to travel far distances
* Ability to board disabled ships (fly over ship and use 'b')
* Battle with other ships
* Nav map to see nearby systems (use 'n')
* Targeting system
* Epiar Plugin's to add to the main game loop (create upgrades)
* And much, much more!

Posted by Marco Luethy 2003-01-06

Million Miles Away ... from 0.19

Heya! 0.2.0 is coming along fine! Snapshot coming! Jump gates worked today! Wee! :-)

Posted by Christopher Thielen 2002-11-04

The Final Stretch

Epiar 0.2.0 is almost done, just a week or two more! I promise! heh Alpha release coming soon.

Posted by Christopher Thielen 2002-10-17

Where's 0.2.0?!?!

I know, I know, stupid developers and their silly lies! 0.2.0 is still progressing; I recently made a lot of optimizations to the video code for 0.2.0 and I'm currently working on the landing dialog. Don't worry, we still want to get 0.2.0 out this century. :-) We just wanna make sure it's impressive and doesn't have any huge issues. So far it's looking good, just gotta finish up the other areas. Check back to two weeks and if there's not a 0.2.0 by then, we're releasing 0.2.0 alpha, for bug testing, feature requests, and to give you a better taste than CVS. Hopefully 0.2.0 will be out soon, but if not, I promise to make a release based on what we have as a demo. Enjoy, and check out www.epiar.net or chat w/ us in irc.freenode.net,#epiar. Cya!

Posted by Christopher Thielen 2002-10-10

Epiar 0.2.0 Release Date

Looking as our last release was in August, and we're coming into the last strech of coding sessions before 0.2.0, it -- looks, as though 0.2.0 will be ready soon. We're aiming for Oct. 1. Check out www.epiar.net to stay informed, but new features include: a totally rewritten game (much faster), all new graphics including explosions where ships burst apart, extremely customizable (gui/hud skin, make your own ships, scenarios, maps, etc.), all the features of 0.19 plus better trading, the ability to buy new ships and upgrade your current one, and oh so much more. Coming soon -- totally open, totally free! :-)

Posted by Christopher Thielen 2002-09-19

0.2.0 Tech Demo Released

Our new text demo, showing off what we've been up to, like awesome battles and such, is now available in our files section. Enjoy!!!

Posted by Christopher Thielen 2002-08-20

Epiar-0.17 Finally Released

Epiar-0.17 has finally been released! This major release includes many many changes over the two month old 0.16, such as:

* All new title screen and menu
* Many bug fixes and optimizations
* Gameplay tweaks (fuel added)
* All new hud w/ elliptical radar and targetting
* Expanded universe

Grab Epiar-0.17 from http://epiar.sf.net/downloads.php. Also, be sure to check out epiar.sf.net and vote on what you'd like to be implemented next.... read more

Posted by Christopher Thielen 2002-06-07

Epiar's 16/100th Birthday.

Pour the wine, eat some cheese, and celebrate! Epiar-0.16 is now available. Sadly, the sound code had to be removed (just for now, I'll be working on it), but besides that ... new parallax scrolling starfield (aka cool looking), improved graphics, much improved action ... overall this is a major release compared to Epiar-0.15. Enjoy! *wine sip*

Posted by Christopher Thielen 2002-04-21

Epiar-0.14 Released ... All Four of Them

Yes yes, it's true -- four Epiar packages released for the new v0.14. This version includes many new things, including the first code from contributors, but why four you ask? Simple: Linux source, Linux binary (statically linked w/ beautiful installer), Win32 source, and Win32 binary (the normal .exe Windows users want). Yes, I know ... it's simply marvelous. Here're some highlights from the exciting CHANGELOG:... read more

Posted by Christopher Thielen 2002-03-17

Use the Force, Epiar!

Epiar 0.13 is now available for Linux (Win32 and Linux binary release coming soon, probably tomorrow). The new version fixes many bugs, adds lots of starships and planets, and has all new graphics ... but that's not the best part. We now have an awesome physics engine! Yes! You can drift helpless in space as your enemies get ready to blast you to oblivion! Woohoo!

Posted by Christopher Thielen 2002-03-09

Epiar 0.12 - Shoot, Explode, and Don't Crash

Epiar v0.12 is out! The new version now has basic firing support (a little green laser in classical sci fi style), a nice explosion when you kill the computer-controlled sprites, and font support! The nav map has zooming controls, and every planet is labeled. Some other stuff changed, but that about covers it. Grab it now for your favorite OS, Linux or Win32. MacOS release hopefully coming soon (our MacOS programmer's been busy). :-)

Posted by Christopher Thielen 2002-03-01

Snapshot of Linux Version Now Available

Although the Epiar source code has been available on CVS for two weeks, only now are releases starting to come. A snapshot of Epiar-0.11-pre1 for Linux is now available (the Win32 version is also available). Check out the Files page (http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/epiar/epiar-0.11-pre1.tar.gz) to download.

Posted by Christopher Thielen 2002-02-23

First Win32 Release

Epiar 0.11-pre1 (the version between 0.10 and 0.11) has been released for Windows in binary format (aka, no complier required). Linux users should use CVS but we'll get a Linux release up soon. Well, enjoy! :-)

Posted by Christopher Thielen 2002-02-23

help wanted - artists/c programmers

The Epiar Project is looking for graphics artists for the 2-D graphics that will be in Epiar, a GPL space adventure game being developed for Linux, Windows, and MacOS. Graphics must be original (don't copy art from anybody else), and generally involve a space theme, such as drawing the 16 frames of animation for a starship or making a planet and whatnot. If you'd like to help, please contact the project admin. Thanks.

Posted by Christopher Thielen 2002-02-06

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