Enigmail v1.5 Available

  • Patrick Brunschwig

    Enigmail v1.5 Available

    I am very happy to announce the availability of Enigmail v1.5. It is precisely a year ago that I announced that I would work on replacing the binary components that depend on Thunderbird with JavaScript code. Today is the moment when the last part of this project is completed and Enigmail is released with (almost) no binary code anymore.

    Notable Changes

    • PGP/MIME encryption & signing have been rewritten from scratch in JavaScript.
    • Core parts of inline-PGP (creation, decryption and verification) have been rewritten in JavaScript.
    • Due to the new code structure, this version of Enigmail is compatible with all future versions of Thunderbird and SeaMonkey. There is a small C++ component remaining for Thunderbird 17 and 18 and SeaMonkey 2.14 and 2.15. As of Thunderbird 19 and SeaMonkey 2.16 there won't be any Mozilla version-specific code in Enigmail.

    Obtaining Enigmail

    Enigmail can be downloaded from http://www.enigmail.net/download/index.php
    The changelog is available from http://www.enigmail.net/download/changelog.php

    Given that the next major version for Thunderbird will be 24 (i.e. Thunderbird 18-23 will only be available as Beta versions), I'm planning to maintain Enigmail such that the latest published versions of SeaMonkey and Thunderbird are supported.

    • Philip Hughes

      Philip Hughes - 2013-05-03

      Hi, guys this is first time i am visiting this forum. Its glad to see such a great info posted here. So many things i came to know new by this forum.

      Last edit: Patrick Brunschwig 2013-05-11
  • RickHuckaby

    RickHuckaby - 2014-08-20

    Hay friends

    The Enigmail v1.5 is so possible for you guys. It is help to signing rewritten the JavaScript. It having the core of inline PGP Creation,decryption and verification also.

    if it have contain so many advantages are available


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