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  • salvo

    salvo - 2007-10-31

    i am Salvatore Caratozzolo and i am using your Enforcer in my stage!
    i have a problem:
    i have Kubuntu so i have installed correctly (i think so..) these debian packages:

    and previously i have installed tpmtools and Trousers from

    so i made the test indicated in the readme.config page of your website, i made a test file, i created the db and updated the db of enforcer!
    i modified the test file but nothing happened in the kernel.log!
    what's happened?
    tnx for your support!
    best regards

    • Omen Wild

      Omen Wild - 2007-10-31

      From the sounds of it, you did not follow the instructions in the INSTALL file, which means you did not compile and load the kernel module.  Installing the enforcer_0.4.beta-1_i386.deb package does not actually make the kernel module, just makes available a patch against 2.6.5.  You have to custom compile a kernel.

      At this point the patch for the Linux kernel is so hopelessly out of date that it will not apply at all.  The Linux kernel has since included the TPM module, but not the internal interface I patched in.  It would be a bit of work to get it updated.  I have been hoping to be able to do it for over a year now, but have not had the time or the equipment to do it.


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