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End of Life!

OK - It's been around 8 years since this project started, and around 6 since I've had any time to contribute any time or updates to it. It is most likely now outdated and needs updating to support the advances in Linux during this time.

Because of this I am going to close down the project - Before I do this I thought I would offer the project out to anyone else - Does anyone want to continue this project and drive it forward? ... read more

Posted by Dave Cheeseman 2009-06-15

Endshield 1.3 Release Date

Endoshield 1.3 is well under progress and should be released for December! This version will include port forwarding, ipchains version, easier to use configuration systems, IP spoofing and DDOS protection. Apologies to all users that have been awaiting the new release!

Posted by Dave Cheeseman 2002-10-23

Endoshield 1.3 Delayed

Due to pressures of life, college and work I have decided to delay the release of Endoshield v1.3 Until August 2002. Apologies to anyone that was waiting apon the release, and thanks to everyone that has submitted ideas and code for Endoshield so far.. They will be used one day!

Posted by Dave Cheeseman 2001-12-16

EndoShield v1.2 Released

EndoShield 1.2 has been released due to a major security flaw in previous versions, this bug is now fixed and the firewall is fully functioning and secure. Any users of previous versions should upgrade now.

Posted by Dave Cheeseman 2001-08-15

Delayed Release of EndoShield v1.2

EndoShield 1.2 is late, and will be a little later still.. apologies for this, life has been a little hectic lately! I promise the latest version by the end of week commencing 6/8/01. This version will include a ipchains firewall.

Posted by Dave Cheeseman 2001-08-07

EndoShield 1.1 Released

EndoShield 1.1 has had to be released ahead of schedule and without all the new features due to a major bug in 1.0. The NAT function (Internet sharing) did NOT work in 1.0, unless your kernel had ip forwarding turned on as default. (rare). Anyway, the bug is fixed in 1.1, and everything is hunky dory!


Posted by Dave Cheeseman 2001-08-02

Version 1.0 Released

The first version of endoshield has been released! However, it is still iptables only, as I havent had a chance to fully test the ipchains version of the script. I promise ipchains will be released in the next version, which is planned for 2/08/01.

Posted by Dave Cheeseman 2001-07-30

Project Status.

EndoShield is currently going through the process of getting a Home page, which with any luck will be up by 27/07/01. After this, the script will have ipchains added, and extra options, and will be released as the first version. This should be done by 29/07/01.

Posted by Dave Cheeseman 2001-07-25