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Contest Winners PLUS EMR 3.1

The winners of the EMR 3.0 map making contest have been announced. You can find out who the winners are as well as download the contest maps from the following link:

Additionally, the MMMG is gearing up to create an update for EMR 3. For EMR 3.1, we hope to make some improvements and fix some minor bugs. If you would like your suggestions considered, please be sure to post them under the "Bugs" or "Feature Requests" tracker on SourceForge site!

Posted by Don Merlin 2008-06-16

Contest Judging Begins

The EMR Contest maps have been finalized, and are now available for download. Beginning in Jan 2008, the contest judges will commence on play testing and judging all the map entries. Winners will be announced in a few weeks!

To download the maps:

Posted by Don Merlin 2008-01-01

EMR Map Making Contest

Folks, I'd like to get the EMR map making contests maps completed by the end of this year! The goal is to select the winners, and then include the contest maps with the 3.1 release of EMR for next year. If you have any questions about the contest, or need help with MML or Lua, please email the MMMG list!

Posted by Don Merlin 2007-10-29

Fix for EMR Windows

The problem: Restoring from saved games kills all of the imbedded MML and Lua code, which basically makes the current level stop working properly (subsequent levels work fine, until you restore from a saved game again). You can also see similar problems with restoring after dying.

The cause: The Windows installer was created with a map name of "Quest", but Aleph One requires that the map name have a .sceA suffix. You can play the game from the beginning and everything seems fine, but as soon as you resume from a saved game, the current level loses the imbedded MML and Lua.... read more

Posted by Don Merlin 2007-06-08

EMR 3.0 Official Release

This is the official release for Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge v3.0. The package currently available is for PPC Macintosh. The Intel Macintosh, Windows, and Linux packages will be released shortly.

Posted by Don Merlin 2007-05-19

New Linux Release Candidate

Available now is a package set up for Linux users. It includes everything you need except the AlephOne engine. Get the Linux package from http://downloads.sourceforge.net/emr3/emr-20070121.tar.gz, and grab the latest AlephOne SDL engine from http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=1997&package_id=115829.

Posted by Don Merlin 2007-01-29

IMPORTANT: New Quest file for 3.0rc1

There is an MML bug in For the Love of Mother (rsrc 1026) that will cause EMR to quit. Please download the replacement Quest file under package "patch". Replace your rc1 Quest file with this new one.

Posted by Don Merlin 2007-01-21

Release Candidate EMR 3.0

EMR 3.0 release candidate is now available for download.

BETA TESTERS: Please run through the RC to check out areas where you had problems before. Just Cmd-Option-Embark to jump to the specific levels. For those familiar with the levels, if you wouldn't mind a quick run through of the entire scenario, that would be great.... read more

Posted by Don Merlin 2007-01-15

New Crystals

I'm trying to achieve the proper mask for the new crystals that Bob created, and after a few different iterations, I have selected the one that I like the most. I would appreciate some feedback from beta testers on these.

Download the screenshots from:

NOTE: The Actinium crystals now have a glow mask which make it stand more apart from the other crystals. Note, also, the new rainbow crystal in the Dreams set.... read more

Posted by Don Merlin 2006-11-17

EMR 3b8 - Windows Installer

A single file download installer is now available for the Windows version of EMR 3b8. The installer does not include any of the latest patch downloads. There are known bugs in the original release of 3b8, most of which have been fixed. The fixes will be incorporated in the upcoming pre-release. To download the installer, choose Download -> Download Files and select the xwin-everything package. Or just click on this link: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/emr3/emr3b8.zip?download

Posted by Don Merlin 2006-11-14

EMR Online Support!

Posted by Don Merlin 2006-11-12

EMR 3b8 Released!

At long last, EMR 3b8 is now available for testing. Either download each of the component separately, or if you have a good connection, download the entire EMR Package (~190MB). See beta testing instructions at http://macguild.org/mmmg/Instructions.html.

Posted by Don Merlin 2006-08-17

EMR Tools Now Available

There is a new download package for EMR tools. This package contains the primary files needed to build EMR maps and scenarios. Whether you will be submitting a map for the EMR map making contest, or would just like to tinker in the EMR world, these tools will let you get started. Anvil and Forge have been enhanced to support the EMR universe. The package also includes Hex, Cinemascope, and Chisel. A Mac that can support Classic apps is required.

Posted by Don Merlin 2006-06-22

What to do with these files

For all of you downloading files, please take note of what these files are. None of them by themselves will allow you to play EMR. Each of them is a piece of the package. I have made them available individually because the EMR package is going to be huge as a single download, and also to provide EMR contest map makers to grab some files to begin work on their maps. The "application" package is strictly the AlephOne application, with a few tweaks to its contents to align it with EMR. The "graphics" package is the Shapes file, and includes all of the textures for EMR (and would be necessary for Forge for map making). The "minstrel" package is the AIFF soundtrack for the EMR main menu. The "mml" package contains the global MML scripts used by EMR (but does not include the level specific MML). The "sounds" package is the Sounds file for EMR sound effects. The "visions" package is the Images file for EMR menu and hud graphics. The "map" package is the main EMR map, incorporating solo and net maps, as well as level-specific Lua and MML. The "textures" package contains the hi-res replacements textures, and are required to properly experience EMR (aka, OpenGL mode is necessary to play EMR). The "cavern" package includes all of the level soundtracks, external replacement sounds, and loading screens. For those with really good internet connections, the "everything" package includes all of the above files, basically everything you need in one download to play EMR. Finally, the "tools" package will contain the patched map making tools needed to build EMR maps of your own.

Posted by Don Merlin 2006-06-05

SourceForge Crew

I'm in the process of setting up a crew for helping out with keeping the SourceForge site up to date. The crew will consist of primary contributors of EMR, those that are helping with the SDL release of EMR, and website administrators. I'd be happy if someone would like to volunteer to add occasional news items at will. If you fit any of these, and are not yet part of our crew, please contact me.

Posted by Don Merlin 2006-05-31

EMR 3b8 in Pre-Beta

After months of collaborating on new features in EMR 3.0, the features have finally been frozen. I am currently playing through the scenario to ensure that each level is testable, fixing things along the way. This process is about 70% done, and the 3b8 beta is therefore expected to release for NIBs in a few weeks. The SDL version of 3b8 should follow soon after.

Posted by Don Merlin 2006-05-29