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fmtest 0.1 released

this is a small test-program that prints out various informations about your radio-card.

Posted by Marco Glatz 2003-02-25

fmlcd 0.1 released

i took some code from lcdproc, irmp3 and fmutils and made a quick 'n dirty lcdproc-client for fm-radio's. i only have usb-radio from d-link and the display-layout is hardcoded for 16x2/16x4 displays at the moment.

Posted by Marco Glatz 2003-02-22

gpslcd 0.2.3 released

added support for 40x4 and 40x4 displays. added also a second screen to display some satellite-data like signal-strength.

Posted by Marco Glatz 2003-02-12

gpslcd 0.2.2 released

added support for 16x4 displays and rwrote some code in lcdd.c, there should be no more seg-faults and/or machine-freezes.

Posted by Marco Glatz 2003-02-11

gpslcd 0.2.1 released

fixed some bugs, cleaned up the source a bit and added a function for checking the nmea-checksums to avoid siplaying wrong or stupid data.

Posted by Marco Glatz 2003-02-07

gpslcd 0.2 released

removed comand-line parameters and added support for logfiles and config-files, but there are still some bugs in the code. i get sometimes broken pipes or complete machine-freezes. have to check this.

Posted by Marco Glatz 2003-02-06

gpslcd 0.1 released

first release of gpslcd, a small lcdproc-client to display gps-related data like latitude,longitude and much more on a lcd-display.

Posted by Marco Glatz 2003-02-04

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