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unitcover: a NetBeans code coverage plugin based on EMMA

There is a new open-source plugin for NetBeans for coverage visualization, based on EMMA: https://unitcover.dev.java.net/

The plugin binaries are available at
and will also be published on the nbextras.org site.

Posted by Vlad Roubtsov 2006-08-24

EMMA ships with IntelliJ 6.0

Posted by Vlad Roubtsov 2006-07-30

Erik Beijnoff and Felipe Leme join EMMA

Erik Beijnoff and Felipe Leme join the team and add years of combined Java experience to the team. We expect that their initial contribution will be an Eclipse plugin for EMMA.

Posted by Vlad Roubtsov 2006-01-21

Maven EMMA Plugin Rewrite Released

A from-scratch rewrite of the Maven EMMA plugin has been released. For details, see the Maven-generated site for the plugin: http://emma.sourceforge.net/maven-emma-plugin/

Please try it out and give me (Chad aka thewoolleyman) any feedback. It is now architected based on the Maven Clover plugin, which has been around for a while and seems to work well.

A couple of notes:

1.The maven documentation site is available here: http://emma.sourceforge.net/maven-emma-plugin/ I tried to do a thorough job on the docs, suggestions for improvement are welcome. ... read more

Posted by Chad Woolley 2005-07-30

EMMA early access build 2.1.5320 available (new ctl tool)

EMMA is a fast Java code coverage tool based on low overhead bytecode
instrumentation. It is designed to support large scale enterprise software
projects as well as agile personal software processes.

The most significant change in this v2.1 stable build update is the addition of a
new tool, ctl. This tool allows remote control over EMMA runtime. Several
control commands are currently implemented:
- download coverage data to a local file,
- remotely dump coverage data,
- reset coverage data in a remote JVM. ... read more

Posted by Vlad Roubtsov 2005-06-22

EMMA bugfix release 2.0.5312 available

EMMA is a fast Java code coverage tool based on low overhead bytecode
instrumentation. It is designed to support large scale enterprise software
projects as well as agile personal software processes.

Release build 2.0.5312 fixes a few minor bugs.

************************************************... read more

Posted by Vlad Roubtsov 2005-06-13

EMMA early access build 2.1.5214 available

EMMA is a fast Java code coverage tool based on low overhead bytecode
instrumentation. It is designed to support large scale enterprise software
projects as well as agile personal software processes.

This early access v2.1 build fixes an assortment of small bugs and
implements a feature that's been on frequently requested list for months.

************************************************... read more

Posted by Vlad Roubtsov 2005-05-14

EMMA early access build 2.1.5124 available

Stable build 2.1.5124 marks the beginning of v2.1 development.


999764 'v'/'version' command line option

The traditional -v|-version option is now accepted by all command line
tools, to help with issue submission.

977738 an option to auto-exclude empty classes

v2.1 will default to automatically excluding all classes with no methods
(javac has a flaw whereby it will emit such classes for certain code
patterns). This behavior is controlled by a new boolean property
'instr.exclude_empty_classes' that defaults to 'true'. Because such empty
classes affect class coverage, users who wish to retain their existing
coverage numbers can turn this exclusion off. Note that all other types of
coverage are unaffected.... read more

Posted by Vlad Roubtsov 2005-04-24

Chad Woolley joins EMMA

Chad Woolley takes over Maven plugin work. Chad is already responsible for a set of improvements in the last two stable versions.

Posted by Vlad Roubtsov 2005-03-16

plugin 0.4 for Maven 1.0 available

This is a bugfix/stable build of EMMA plugin for Maven 1.0.
Refer to version 0.2 release notes for installation and usage instructions.


1160469 maven emma:report goal doesn't work if tests not forked
1159069 emma.internal.enabled is not being set properly
1158200 Maven reports do not generate correctly after a clean


1144463 Source not visible in Maven Report

Posted by Vlad Roubtsov 2005-03-13

Another EMMA milestone: our first donation

EMMA project has received its first donation (http://sourceforge.net/project/project_donations.php?group_id=108932).
I take it as a sign that EMMA works reasonably well and helps solve real problems. The donation is anonymous, but whoever you are -- thank you.

Vlad Roubtsov, EMMA project admin

Posted by Vlad Roubtsov 2005-02-04

Early access version of EMMA plugin for Maven 1.0 released

To encourage testing we have released the current version of Maven plugin: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=108932&package_id=131130

This version can also be built using the instructions (BUILD.txt) in "maven" module of EMMA CVS repository (maven/1.0/ subdirectory).

Because the plugin is not yet available at ibiblio or any other public URL there are extra project configuration steps involved in order to add the plugin to a Maven build. They are detailed in the plugin release notes: http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?release_id=271370... read more

Posted by Vlad Roubtsov 2004-09-29

new EMMA site and user doc builds

For about a week now EMMA's web site has been running content generated by Apache Forrest.

The new site adds more FAQ content and an entirely new section for potential EMMA contributors and committers.

Both end user doc and site page content builds are now versioned via CVS, in two new CVS modules.

Posted by Vlad Roubtsov 2004-09-26

emma-2.0.4217-src.zip corrected

The last two file releases mistakenly omitted the tools src directory, resulting in a source distribution that would not build out of the box. This has been corrected.

Posted by Vlad Roubtsov 2004-07-21

EMMA FAQ updated

EMMA FAQ (http://emma.sourceforge.net/faq.html) has been updated with respect to a number of questions commonly brought up in the "Open Discussion" forum.

Posted by Vlad Roubtsov 2004-07-19

EMMA 2.0.4217 released

Release 2.0.4217 contains bug fixes and various low-hanging fruit
improvements. The codebase is being moved closer to being a better starting
point for the future 2.1 branch.


975695 silent mode for data collection
979973 logging infrastructure enhancements

There have been several requests for a feature to silence logging in
EMMA-instrumented classes (used by builds that validate stdout output). This
has been implemented. Additionally, log output from EMMA runtime used to
omit "EMMA:" prefix. This has been corrected and can be used for
simple grep filtering of EMMA output as well.... read more

Posted by Vlad Roubtsov 2004-07-19

EMMA 2.0.4208 released

Release 2.0.4208 contains minor code refactorings and bug fixes.


976873 instrumenting classloader should define Packages

A small enhancement that improves compatibility between emmarun and
uninstrumented runtimes.


962009 -Demma.properties not implemented
979976 "properties" attribute of <emma> not implemented

Although documented in the reference manual, support for setting a block of
tool properties via -Demma.properties JVM property was omitted from the
first public release. This gap has now been closed. As EMMA acquires more
and more settings, users should find it more convenient to be able to
externalize their configurations in a properties file (as opposed to setting
them one by one) that could be pointed to by -Demma.properties (previously
this has been possible only by placing such a file in the classpath).... read more

Posted by Vlad Roubtsov 2004-07-09

Dilum Ranatunga joins EMMA

Dilum Ranatunga joins EMMA project dev team.

Dilum will begin by helping EMMA develop a good Maven integration story. Dilum is currently employed by a company that relies on Maven for their official product builds, so rest assured he will have an ample opportunity to do a good job.

Dilum and I go way back and I am very pleased he could join EMMA.

Posted by Vlad Roubtsov 2004-07-06

EMMA 2.0.4127 released

EMMA is a fast Java code coverage tool based on bytecode instrumentation. It differs from the existing tools by enabling coverage profiling on large scale enterprise software projects with simultaneous emphasis on fast individual development.

Release 2.0.4127 fixes a bug in the implementation of feature request 971176 and significantly improves classloading in EMMA's shutdown hook responsible for coverage data dumping.... read more

Posted by Vlad Roubtsov 2004-06-28

EMMA 2.0.4120 released

Release build 4120 closes several issues related to using EMMA with ANT 1.6 and a common log4j pattern, among other things.

Additionally, this build adds logging details for input classes that do not have enough debug info compiled into them (javac -g) to enable line coverage reporting.

The full set of issues addressed is available from release notes in SourceForge release manager: http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?release_id=247402

Posted by Vlad Roubtsov 2004-06-21

EMMA 2.0.4019 released

EMMA is a Java code coverage tool based on fast bytecode instrumentation. Among features that distinguish EMMA from the existing tools are extreme flexibility and speed. EMMA's project mission is to move code coverage from the domain of infrequent release gate tools to the domain of agile testing and development. EMMA attempts to convince programmers that coverage testing can be a task concurrent with unit testing itself.... read more

Posted by Vlad Roubtsov 2004-05-23

EMMA web site is up

The group permission issue has been resolved and the web site has been uploaded (http://emma.sourceforge.net). In addition to the latest version of EMMA user guide and reference manual, the web site adds "Getting Started" instructions, sample reports, and FAQ.

Posted by Vlad Roubtsov 2004-05-21

First SF EMMA release!

2.0.4019 is the first file release published in the 2.0 branch. The web site content is also ready to go but it appears we don't have the group permissions set correctly on our web directory, so nothing can be uploaded. Support request submitted.

Posted by Vlad Roubtsov 2004-05-20

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