#13 Add function 'jabber-presence-only-chat-open-message'


There are hundreds of users on the server I am using and there's always someone signing on or off. With the default value for jabber-alert-presence-message-function this means there is a constant flurry of messages in the minibuffer, most of which I am not interested in.

A solution that works quite well for me is to only show the presence of people I have a chat window open for. If I am waiting for someone, I can simply open a chat for that person and will be notified, or check the roster. This keeps notifications at a much more manageable level for me. A patch adding a simple function implementing this solution is attached.

I would suggest to make this function the default but I haven't done so in this patch, that's a decision I leave up to you.

If you think that this should not go into the code base, I'd suggest adding it to the page on emacs-wiki.org.


  • Evgenii Terechkov

    Commited in cvs. Docs updated.

  • Evgenii Terechkov

    • assigned_to: nobody --> evg_krsk
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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