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New eLML 8 Release: Mobile Version of Lesson

I am happy to announce a new eLML 8 version today! The big new thing is that eLML offers now a mobile view of your lesson based on jQuery Mobile. Using the already existing eBook converter (based on ePub) and the new mobile view, you can now serve your clients with lessons optimized for both tablets like iPads and also Smartphones like iPhones or Android devices! To see the mobile version in action point your iPhone or Android phone to http://www.elml.org/website/en/ and you are automatically redirected to the mobile view! You can also use the mobile view link in the footer of the eLML website with any desktop browser. ... read more

Posted by Joel Fisler 2012-02-06

eLML 7 stable released today!

After many months without an eLML-Newsletter its time for some important news about the eLesson Markup Language (eLML) project: Our latest major stable release eLML 7 is ready for download! Here are some of the key new features:

- Tool: A new tool for transforming eLML lessons is available: EasyELML
- Tool: New version of eLML editor "Firedocs" available (supports Firefox 5, please read "System Requirements" carefully!):
- Online: Create HTML5 code with eLML!
http://www.elml.org/website/en/html/output_xhtml.html (last chapter)
- Online: Navigate through your lesson using arrow keys and other keyboard shortcuts:
- Online: New variable $glossaryMousoverWithHTML lets you include HTML-code in glossary-term-mouseovers
- Print: Full support for Apache FOP 1.0 with hyphenation, SVG, MathML etc.
- Online: Better support for SVG and MathML in HTML output format
- Online: eLML core template "elml:page-of" lets you create navigation elements like "Page 4 of 18" in your lesson
- eBook: ePub converter updated to HTML5 and other updates/bugfixes (update to ePub 3 coming soon!)... read more

Posted by Joel Fisler 2011-07-12

Firedocs 1.3b06 released

First release of 2011, yeah! So what have we changed? A quick overview:
- Multimedia elements (video, audio etc.) are now displayed using placeholders. This is faster and safer.
- Latest schema changes are reflected in this release
- Some minor layout changes
- Fixed many bugs

As always: This release is faster, better, nicer and much cooler than the one before. Use it! :-)

As always 2: If you have Firedocs already installed, go to the "AddOns" menu under "Extras" and search for updates.

Posted by Joel Fisler 2011-01-13

eLML wins silver Award at IMS Learning Impact

The eLML team is very happy to announce another award for our project: The silver medal at the IMS Learning Impact Awards 2010 in Long Beach. eLML got invited to Long Beach because it was one of the 13 finalists in the category "New and Research & Development":

You can find a photo of the award on the eLML website entry page or here:
http://www.elml.org/website/en/image/imsaward2010_fislerabel.jpg... read more

Posted by Joel Fisler 2010-05-22

New eLML 6 released

After one year of hard work, the eLML team is proud to present the new eLML 6 version! Here are the highlights:
1. Create eBooks directly from your lessons (for iPad etc.)
2. Create newer XHTML 1.1 Strict code
3. New and faster Firedocs 1.3 eLML Editor
4. New feature for referencing and highlighting content
5. Now supporting latest YAML 3.2 release
6. SCORM-transformation reworked and vastly improved ... read more

Posted by Joel Fisler 2010-05-04

eLML new released under the Apache 2 license!

Today the open source license of the eLML (eLesson Markup Language) project changed from the restrictive GPL to the more open Apache 2 license. This means that in future you will be able to use eLML also for commercial products without the need to contribute back your developments based on the eLML project. For us it means that we can start working on integrations of eLML into our open source learning management system OLAT (www.olat.org), also released under the open source Apache 2 license. Nevertheless I would like to stress that we are still happy to hear from you, are interested to see how you are using eLML and what you are developing with it. So the switch to the more liberal Apache license does not mean that we are not interested in cooperations, on the contrary. As you already know we can also list your project on the success stories page if you are interested:
http://www.elml.org/website/en/html/about_success_stories.html... read more

Posted by Joel Fisler 2010-04-09

eLML not part of Google Summer of Code

Unfortunatly Google did not choose the University of Zurich as a mentor organziation for the Google Summer of Code 2010 program and thus eLML will not be able to provide projects this year. We will still leave the project ideas listed under "About: Participating" and if you are looking for an interesting topic for your thesis or diploma work, consider one of the following projects:


Posted by Joel Fisler 2010-04-08

Firedocs eLML Editor 1.3x released

I'm very happy to announce a brand new release of the Firedocs eLML Editor. We moved up from the 1.2x to the 1.3x Firedocs branch and offer exciting new features. This release brings some long awaited features such as Internationalization and Support for Java 6 as well as significant other improvements:

* Compatible with Firefox 3.6
* Support for Next-Generation Java Plug-In
* Internationalization (en, de, fr, it)
* Introduced extension system for remote authoring protocols
* Brand new Asset Dialog
* Improved table and list handling
* Better whitespace handling for (mixed) Xhtml documents
* Many small Bug Fixes
* Much improved code base
* Many eLML specific fixes and improvements (see Sourceforge for details)... read more

Posted by Joel Fisler 2010-03-18

IMS Learning Impact Award 2010 Finalist!

We are happy to announce that eLML is an IMS Learning Impact Award finalist! The IMS Learning Impact Conference will be held in Los Angeles (Long Beach), California, from May 17th to May 20th 2010. The award ceremony will be held on Wednesday, May 19th 2010 at the Hilton Hotel in Long Beach. We'll keep you updated! For more information check the IMS website:

Posted by Joel Fisler 2010-03-08

News works again!

Sourceforge had some problems with their news feeds during the last weeks. So the last few eLML news have only been transmitted via our email newsletter. Sorry about that. One more reason to subscribe to the eLML newsletter :-)

Posted by Joel Fisler 2009-10-05

Firedocs eLML Editor Beta 07 release

We just released a new version of our eLML editor and will soon be able to skip the "beta" :-) The most important news is certainly that the editor is now compatible with the latest Firefox versions. Finally... Here's an overview about whats new in Firedocs eLML Editor V1.2b07:
- Compatible with the latest Firefox 3.5 releases
- Firedocs has been update from version 1.20 to 1.24
- Editor now allows pagebreak level set to learning object also (ID 2138269)
- New "labelRef" attribute available in editor now (ID 2107545)
- Faster
- Lots of bugfixes... read more

Posted by Joel Fisler 2009-10-05

eLML won the Swiss Open Source Award

We are very happy to announce that eLML won the Swiss Open Source Award in the category Education. Check out Immo Wille (University of Zurich) as he collects the price:

The Swiss Open Source Awards are only in their second year and are given away each year at the Open Source Expo in Zurich/Winterthur. Last year the University of Zurichs (UZH) open source learning management system OLAT won in the category Swissness and thus we are very proud to have another UZH open source tool winning this year. Congratulation to everyone who helped making eLML so successful and thanks to the FHNW who helped develop eLML during the last years!

Posted by Joel Fisler 2009-10-05

eLML 5.1 released today!

We are very happy to announce today a new release: eLML 5.1. This new release contains a full support for creating SCORM packages out of eLML, including time tracking , etc. You can check the "SCORM and IMS" page on the eLML website under "Output Formats" for some screenshots and more information about the implementation.

Hand in hand with the continuing development of eLML we also optimize the Firedocs eLML Editor. Last week we released the Beta 6 version which contains all the new features and bugfixes of the eLML 5.1 release. Once installed in Firefox the editor add-on automatically notifies if new versions are available so you should be able to download this editor update directly from Firefoxes "Add-ons" menu.... read more

Posted by Joel Fisler 2009-03-11

Firedocs eLML Editor Beta 6 released

If Firefox does not warn you automatically then you should open the "Add-ons" window within the "Tools" menu and choose "Find Updates". What has changed in this new beta release?

- Updated attributes "target" and "targetLessonLang" in link element
- Fixed a bug in gap element (attribute was not set to optional)
- Updated the display of certain element (XSLT)
- added attribute visible to elements box and column - RFE 2154815
- Other minor bugfixes

Posted by Joel Fisler 2009-03-06

eLML participates at GSoC 2009

Google announced their Google Summer of Code 2009 project and it is most probable that we (=University of Zurich) will be a mentoring organization again. As last year we will participate again with our two eLearning open source projects OLAT (www.olat.org) and eLML. If you are a student (worldwide...) and would be interested to participate we would suggest that you have a look at last years projects and at our project proposal list:... read more

Posted by Joel Fisler 2009-01-21

Firedocs eLML Editor Beta 4 released

An error which prevented in some cases the opening of lesson files made it necessary to updates this weeks Beta 3 release and make another release. Sorry for the troubles. For those of you who already installed Beta 3: You can use the Firefox AddOn update feature to update your installation of the eLML Firedocs Editor.

Posted by Joel Fisler 2008-12-05

Firedocs eLML Editor Beta 3 (now with autoupdate!)

So we managed to release the Beta 3 of our Firedocs eLML Editor just in time before the Online Educa conference in Berlin (that Joël Fisler will be attending). Please go to www.elml.org --> tools --> Firedocs eLML Editor to get the latest release 1.2b03

What has changed? A lot of bugfixes, most of the bugs you submitted were fixed. Then we updated the RelaxNG schema etc. I wont go into details, you can find them in the Sourceforge bugtracker. One feature is new though: The editor will check for updates automatically from now on and automatically update itself (if you allow it) as you may already know it from other Firefox Add-ons.

Posted by Joel Fisler 2008-12-02

Joël Fisler at Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit

One of the eLML founders and project coordinators Joël Fisler participated at this years Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit at the Googleplex in Mountain View (California). This two-day summit (October 25th/26th 2008) brought together over 200 mentors from about 150 open source projects. Together with Guido Schnider (OLAT project) the two mentors from the University of Zurich participated at various sessions and discussions. The session notes will be released soon on the Summit Wiki listed below. eLML together with OLAT plans to participate again at next years Google Summer of Code. Interested students should subscribe to the eLML newsletter or check the eLML website in February or March 2009. Some interesting links:... read more

Posted by Joel Fisler 2008-11-10

eLML - eLesson Markup Language: Beta 2 release of Firedocs eLML Editor

eLML (eLesson Markup Language) is an XML framework for creating structured eLessons based on a pedagogical model. eLML consists of an XMLSchema and XSLT files to create XHTML, XSL-FO/PDF, LaTeX, IMS CP and SCORM versions, standards supported by most LMS.

The first release has brought us some feedbacks about bugs or inconsistencies we did not see yet. We tried to fix them all and are happy to release today a second beta version of our Firedocs eLML Editor. Have a look at the release notes for detailed information about has been changed. Get the new editor version here:

Posted by Joel Fisler 2008-10-14

GITTA wins Medida Prix

The Swiss GIS-eLearning project GITTA wins the second prize at this years Medida Prix Final in Vienna, Austria. eLML evolved out of the GITTA project and therefore we are very happy and would like to congratulate our colleagues for this prize. The jury complimented the project for its reusability and its open technical framework which is of course eLML. The project coordinator Monika Niederhuber and former project coordinator Joël Fisler (now working for eLML) were happy to receive the prize of 25'000 Euros from Austrian minister Dr. Johannes Hahn.... read more

Posted by Joel Fisler 2008-09-30

eLML 5 released

After over a year of hard work by many people of the eLML community I am very pleased to announce a new release: eLML 5 has been released this week together with the new and long awaited "Firedocs eLML editor". More new features of eLML 5 are the "Template Builder" (a Google Summer of Code project) to generate eLML layout templates (XSLT), transformation files for the Office format ODF/ODT and DocBook (also a Google Summer of Code project), full integration of the CSS framework YAML, the HTML output is searchengine-optimized etc. You will find a full list of new features below. Please note that also the website www.elml.org has been updated with new information and some useful tipps about eLML.... read more

Posted by Joel Fisler 2008-09-18

New tools for eLML: Editor, Template Builder etc.

Finally we have managed to publish our long awaited editor. We released it as version 1.2b01 because 1.0 and 1.1 were internal releases. Beta because we know there are still some bugs that we have to fix before calling it 1.2 final.

Another tool published today is the Template Builder by Thomas Linowsky. It is his Google Summer of Code that has already been used and tested by some projects so we decided to go ahead and publish it.... read more

Posted by Joel Fisler 2008-09-15

Video streams and photos of GSoC Closing Event

To officially close GSoC 2008 at the University of Zurich we organized a closing event with presentations followed by a barbecue. At this event all the students presented their work and shared their results with the audience that was both present physically and online via live stream. After two hours of presentations and discussions - one as a conference call from Germany and two students via video from India - the student and mentors celebrated with barbecue and beer until late at the Irchel campus. The presentations are available online as video streams.... read more

Posted by Joel Fisler 2008-09-11

GSoC successfully ends with two eLML student projects

As most of you know we had two students working for Google Summer of Code:
- Thomas Linowsky created an eLML Template Generator
- Alberto Sanz created a transformation file for the DocBook format

Both projects were successfully finished last week and will be integrated into the eLML project during the next weeks. Both students will present their work at our public GSoC closing event next week on Thursday, September 4th 2008 at 4pm (Swiss time) at the University of Zurich-Irchel. We plan to live stream and/or record the presentations for those who cannot attend. Only the two presentations from India will be English, the other presentations will be in German (sorry). After the presentations we will celebrate the successful end of GSoC with a barbecue in our beautiful Irchel park (hopefully with good weather).... read more

Posted by Joel Fisler 2008-08-27

eLML wins CATcon Gold Award at ISPRS Conference in Beijing

We are very happy to announce that eLML won a professional Gold award at the ISPRS conference in Beijing. Every four years the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) is holding its Computer Assisted Teaching contest (CATcon) and we are very happy to announce that at its 5th edition eLML won a Gold Award in the field of professional tools.

Read the full story on page 4 of the ISPRS Daily Magazine No. 8:
http://www.isprs.org/congresses/beijing2008/daily_news/2008ISPRSDailyNo8.pdf... read more

Posted by Joel Fisler 2008-08-18

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