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Preparing beta now...

We are preparing precompiled binaries for Win32 and Linux now ...

Posted by Uwe 2002-10-11

Current status


after solving some problems we had with the SmallEiffel garbage collector (our fault), we're back on the road.

Still do not know when we will have a working release but I hope it won't take too long.


Posted by Uwe 2002-05-17

Regular project work started

This project is alive now. We update the CVS tree at least every two or three days, so I assume that we will have a working prototype within the next few days. Stay tuned.

Posted by Uwe 2002-04-03

Project finally started


the first uploads are made. Please ignore the module 'src'. The active one is 'prj'.

Posted by Uwe 2002-03-29