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Project CVS Tree Ported to Subversion

We decided to move our Project CVS tree to Subversion. The Server will be at subversion.thinkinsoft.org. Instructions for getting acces will follow in the documentation section, when the installation is finished and fully tested. You will also have the html-view of the tree and a daily snapshot as you know from sourceforge. The CVS-tree will be closed then.

Posted by Patrik Lehmann 2005-01-08

General mailing list opened

For interested people, I've opened a mailing list. Feel free to subscribe. Please read the rules.

Posted by Patrik Lehmann 2004-09-17

IRC-Channel available

Interested in our Project?
Join #thinkinsoft on EuIRC to discuss with us.
Best time is about 8pm GMT+1 (remind summer and winter-time: in winter +1 ,in summer +2)

Posted by Patrik Lehmann 2004-09-06

Project hosted

Hi folks.
The new project is born, I added a brief description about the game and a ArgoUML Planning File. Grafitty will assist me

Posted by Patrik Lehmann 2004-08-11