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Elgg 0.9.1 released

Version 0.9.1 of classic Elgg has been released. This release fixes a number of issues, see http://elgg.org/trac/ for a complete changeset.

Posted by Misja Hoebe 2008-02-18

Elgg 0.9 released

Finally here, Elgg 0.9 is here, Merry Christmas!

Posted by Misja Hoebe 2007-12-24

Elgg 0.9 RC1 released

It's finally here, a first release candidate of Elgg 0.9! We welcome everbody to download and test it thoroughly.

Posted by Misja Hoebe 2007-12-08

Elgg 0.8.2 released

A security issue was detected in Elgg versions up to 0.8.1 which could potentially lead to uncontrolled deletion of user accounts. Users are being urged to upgrade as soon as possible.

Posted by Misja Hoebe 2007-11-29

The tracker has moved

The Elgg issue tracker has moved, and can now be found at http://elgg.org/trac/

Posted by Misja Hoebe 2007-11-06

Elgg 0.8 final is on the loose

The final release of Elgg 0.8 has been let loose; incorporating a revamped profile (with widgets), easier file and video adding, more hooks and features and the groundwork for a new set of plugins that will change the way you use your Elgg system.

Posted by Ben Werdmuller 2007-07-05

Elgg 0.8 RC1 released

We're pleased to announce that Elgg 0.8 Release Candidate 1 has left the building. This adds a host of new features, including a revamped profile (with widgets), easier file and video adding, and more.

Please note that because this is a release candidate version, we recommend you exercise caution when using the software in a production environment.

Posted by Ben Werdmuller 2007-04-23

Elgg 0.7 RC2 released

Elgg 0.7 Release Candidate 2 has just left the building.

Elgg 0.7 has a whole host of benefits and improvements, including refactored templating, new navigation, API work under the hood and much more. We've also snuck in some tweaks on top of Release Candidate 1's feature set, including a much easier install procedure and meatier, mightier configuration tool. We think this is the best Elgg ever - go check it out!

Posted by Ben Werdmuller 2007-02-13

Elgg 0.7 Release Candidate 1 correction

Please note that downloads earlier 4:30pm GMT will have contained an incorrect file. A replacement for /lib/db/mysql.sql is abailable from http://elgg.net/support/files/-1/15294/mysql.sql - downloads after 4:30pm GMT are not affected.

Posted by Ben Werdmuller 2007-02-07

Elgg 0.7 Release Candidate 1

We've just released Elgg v0.7 RC1. Elgg is the open source social networking platform, and this release has a host of new features including a more advanced plugin API, photo galleries, a better theme system and more.

We're about to launch a new site at http://elgg.org/ to cover installation support and documentation - check over there soon for more information.

Posted by Ben Werdmuller 2007-02-07

Elgg 0.672 released

Elgg is the world's most popular open source social networking platform, written for PHP and the Apache web server environment.

We've just released version 0.672, which contains a number of optimisations, as well as a fix for the admin interface - no more maintaining your configuration files by hand!

As ever, see http://elgg.org/ for more Elgg-related information.

Posted by Ben Werdmuller 2006-12-14

Elgg 0.67 released

Elgg is an open source social networking platform, written for LAMP stacks and released under the GPL.

There's a lot in this new release, and particularly if you're running on 0.65 or below, we strongly encourage you to upgrade. Several important improvements include the dashboard, much better internationalisation, and enhancements for users running in a walled garden.

Please note that we've also changed our file provider from Eduforge back to Sourceforge. The Elgg homepage will always point to the correct download location.... read more

Posted by Ben Werdmuller 2006-12-01