#109 Elexis 2.1: Fixmedis are not always shown in FixMediDisplay

Daniel Lutz

In the PatientDetail view, the fix medicals are shown in a FixMediDisplay inside an ExpandableComposite.
In some cases, if a patient is selected, the fix medicals are not shown, i. e. the list is not expanded to the required height.
The total cost is shown.

I don't yet know if this is a bug in eclipse form implementation, or the bug is in FixMediDisplay.

I could reproduce this behaviour in a test database:
- I have created 3 patients
- I have created 2 Eigenartikel
- I have added 1 Eigenartikel as fix medical to some patient.
- If I select a patient without fix medicals, and then a patient with fix medicals,
the total cost in FixMediDisplay is updated, but the medical is not shown.

It seems that whenever the list of fix medicals has been empty and then is filled,
the list is not expanded in height as required.

This problem is important because the doctor could miss that there _are_ fix medicals.


  • Daniel Lutz

    Daniel Lutz - 2010-11-30

    This problem occurs at Linux (gtk). I haven't yet tested if it also occurs on windows.

  • Daniel Lutz

    Daniel Lutz - 2010-12-01

    This problem only occurs in Linux. In Windows, the list has a height of at least 4 items, even if it's empty.
    If the list contains more than 4 entries, the list is expanded in height or gets scrollbars.

    In Linux (GTK), I could find that list.computeSize() returns a height of 0 in some situations, even if the list contains 1 element. Could be this is a bug in GTK, or it is intented behaviour.

    The problem maybe could be solved if the list is told to have a height of at least 4 elements (by setting an appropriate LayoutData element). I will test this.


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