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ElementServ 0.9.2 beta 3 released

Some minutes ago, I released a new beta version
of ElementServ. This version includes new commands and some bugfixes; 0.9.2 beta 3 works
also with PHP 5.

C has two new commands, settopic and enftopic.
The first one allows you to set a channel's topic
via C, dependig on the lock-level set with enftopic.
C will also check a user's permission for changing
topics 'manually'. If he doesn't have the required
channel access, C will reset the topic.... read more

Posted by niemand 2004-09-18

ElementServ 0.9.2 beta 2

Today, I released beta 2 of ElementServ 0.9.2.
There are two big changes in this version:
- C has now a channelmanagement system. It has
six access levels (owner, coowner, master, op,
voice, ban). Every channel can only have one
owner that can't be removed or changed by
normal users. The ban level contains auths which
can't use a specific channel. If a users with a
banned auth joins, he gets kicked and his auth
will be banned.
- Nicks and their details (numerics, hosts, auth,
etc.) are now saved in arrays.
There are many other changes/new functions. For
a complete list, go to:
http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?release_id=250962... read more

Posted by niemand 2004-07-05

ElementServ 0.9.2 beta is out

Some minutes ago, I released the beta of 0.9.2. It brings a lot of changes with it, but it's still in beta phase.
Some new functions are:
- Basic channelmanagement (voice, op, master,
coowner, owner)
- IRC-Operators are able to add/delete channels
to/from C's database
- deopall command for C and O. Deops all users on a
channel, C will be reoped.

The complete ChangeLog is available here:

Posted by niemand 2004-06-19

ElementServ 0.9.0 released

As you can see, the first version of ElementServ,
0.9.0, is released.
This version has not much features but an auth-
system is already included in ChanServ. OpServ can
broadcast messages and kill users, SQUIT the
services is also possible.
The services are able to detect IRC-Operators and
connected/connecting servers.

Have fun with this release and please give me some
feedback for upcoming versions using the tracker (:.
Reporting bugs would be nice too.

Posted by niemand 2004-05-26