#47 default EC2 Private Key File


default EC2 Private Key File is not saving and i have to select the correct file every time. I just upgraded to 1.7 build 000110


  • Daniela Rodríguez

    I'm having the same bug since last update. My version is 1.7 build 116.

    I've tried resetting the value of ec2ui.last.ec2privatekey.file.(MYPROFILE).us-east-1 in about:config but it had no effect. Once saved again it retains the right value (c:\keys\mykey.ppk) but it won't read it and I have to select it "by hand".

  • Daniela Rodríguez

    To reproduce in Windows XP + Firefox 3.6 or Firefox 4.0:

    1. Select a EC2 instance
    2. Right click, Connect to instance
    3. "Select EC2 private key..." dialog appears.
    4. Choose a key
    5. "Would you like to use "C:\mykey1.ppk" as the default EC2 Private Key File for X?" prompt appears. Click OK
    6. Close putty
    7. Right click on EC2 instance, click Connect to instance
    8. "Select EC2 private key..." dialog appears again, even when we accepted using the former key as default

  • Jason Merkin

    Jason Merkin - 2011-05-19

    Reproduced in ubuntu 10.04, firefox 4.01, elasticfox 1.7


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