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Elastica 2.0 Released

Elastica version 2.0 is a major release that adds support for EJB3, as well as other features such as: automatic node discovery, node groups based on node roles, and extensive bug fixes and performance improvements.

Bob Stasyszyn
(Project lead of Elastica)

Posted by Bob Stasyszyn 2009-11-01

Elastica version 1.3.1 released

Elastica version 1.3.1 is an incremental release that adds support for the unified HA invoker. The unified invoker is based on JBoss's Remoting module which is the standard remoting implementation for JBoss 5.

(Stay tuned for Elastica 1.4 for JBoss 5!)

Bob Stasyszyn
(Project lead of Elastica)

Posted by Bob Stasyszyn 2009-04-16

Elastica version 1.3.0 (stable) released

Elastica is a highly efficient and extensible, rules-based load-balancer for JBoss 4 that adds dynamic behavior to EJB load balancing. Rules can be defined to redirect requests according to request data, server performance data, or even the time of day. Elastica is ideal for hosted environments where the quality of service must be maintained for certain customers, regardless of the load on other clients' applications. For example, Client X may be conducting a promotion which may result in a flood of traffic during a certain time window. To ensure that this promotion does not affect the performance of Client Y, you can configure the load-balancing rules so that requests for Client X during the time window are redirected to an isolated node group.... read more

Posted by Bob Stasyszyn 2008-08-13