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Ortus Acquires the eIDnative Library

The eIDnative Library is a Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Belgian Electronic ID Card. It includes a native API for Microsoft .NET, native Win32, Visual Basic 6.0, VBA and Java (Windows platform only).

The library has been developed by Serhiy Perevoznyk and started as a freeware SDK for the Belgian electronic ID card. Ortus intends to use the library to develop freeware applications as well as commercial applications.
Ortus maintains a free version of the eIDNative Library for the community and looks for input from users for future improvements.... read more

Posted by Serhiy Perevoznyk 2010-03-04

EIDNative library 2.3 released

The new version of EIDNative library is available for download. In this version I added support for Belgian SIS cards. Now you can access Belgian electronic ID card or SIS card from your application without using Middleware or any other specialized libraries. EIDNative is freeware and works few times faster than official Middleware SDK.

EIDNative 2.3 download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/eidnative/files/eidnative/EID%20Native%20Library%202.3/EIDLibrarySetup.zip/download... read more

Posted by Serhiy Perevoznyk 2009-10-22