#68 Can't select Source File for new ECUT TestCase

1.0 M3 RC3
ECUT UI (30)

The Source File Selection dialog is empty and says "No entries available." when trying to add a new ECUT TestCase. See screenshot.

To reproduce the bug: I followed a tutorial for how to use ECUT on Ubuntu (Ubuntu 12.04): http://xrigher.info/cpp/set-up-cppunit-eclipse-plugin-ecut-for-c-on-ubuntu/ on Ubuntu 12.04 / Eclipse Juno CDT. Everything was fine including applying the connector, but I cannot create the ECUT TestCase, because the Source file selection is empty.


  • Paul Bußmann

    Paul Bußmann - 2012-08-02

    The error seems to be in net.sf.ecut.internal.ui.wizards.NewTestCaseWizardPageOne.chooseClassToTest()

    cproject.getChildren() returns (according to my screenshot):
    elements.length: 2
    elements[0]: .ecut-sources
    elements[1]: Debug

    Both are folders containing derived files and therefore are not good for this dialog. I'd expect to see "src" and "test", but they are not shown!

    If I disable the "dialog.addFilter(new ViewerFilter() ..." call, the bad folders ".ecut-sources" and "Debug" are displayed, but "src" and "test" are not shown!
    Fur sure, adding .ecut-sources/EcutClient.cpp which is then possible by the dialog gives an internal error.

    Any one who can help?

  • Paul Bußmann

    Paul Bußmann - 2012-08-02

    Good: I got "src" to be displayed by navigating to the Properties-dialog of the "src"-folder and add "/EcutTest/src" to the Source Location tab of the section "C/C++ General > Paths and Symbols". This seems odd and wrong that it has to be done manually. :-/
    I can chose the file src/module1.c and I can create the two example functions, but ...
    Bad: ... when finally finishing the wizard, I get:

    "Creation of element failed.

    Internal error"

    The Test.cp file is created but empty.

    What does it mean.

  • Robert Hartmann

    Robert Hartmann - 2015-06-08

    Same Situation on Windows. Eclipse Juno. "No entries available." in Source File Selection dialog for Source File under Test.


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