#3 type "pub", cntrl space gives incorrect options


When I type "pub", I don't get "public return_type name() {", I get "PUBLIC_MEMBER". Also, I get an error from the line " public void testCheckOut() {" that that has apparently nothing to do with testCheckOut. This only occurs in MyLibraryTest.

Help, I'm stuck in the water....

Also, I really appreciate and enjoy the tutorial.


  • Tom Engelhardt

    Tom Engelhardt - 2012-10-28
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  • Tom Engelhardt

    Tom Engelhardt - 2012-10-28

    I figured it out but it took me hours. I kept trying to make my code look like the tutorial code. I was getting an error but the tutorial doesn't get one until you try to compile it. Oh well. Since I was getting flagged for an error and the tutorial was not, I assume it is because I'm running a higher version of Eclipse. Somehow, you should warn people about this to avoid my fate.
    Thanks for you support even though I doubt someone will read this.
    i appreciate the tutorial greatly.