Release 0.9

This release has many new fatures:

First of all, there are two new plugins: Island and Archipelago. Both are providers for Level II / Market depth data. To make them working properly the Book / Level II View was updated to allow more than 5 levels (limit on the book data for the Italian market). There also are new preference pages for selecting the Book View options and colors, and to select the Level II data provider.

The software update manager was added to the bundles installation and all plugins now have a feature to allow automatic updates from within the program. You have to download one of the 0.9.0 bundle installations to have the update manager working (or copy the relevant plugins from an Eclipse Platform installation).

A realtime data collector was added to all plugins in order to collect data for generating intraday charts. This feature allow the backfill of chart data if the data provider supports it.

Finally a new Trend chart indicator was added, and some bugfixes were made.

Hope you enjoy.

Posted by Marco Maccaferri 2004-11-08

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