Limited list of languages supported

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I just stumbled upon this utility and is exactly what I am looking for. Really nice work. I am wondering about the limitation on languages though. In the screenshots section there is one showing the creation of a new resource file for Japanese, but in the code I downloaded (latest for eclipse 3.1), only romanized and cyrillic languages are shown in the list. Maybe I'm missing something, and I haven't tried localizing to non-roman charsets yet, but is this an inherent limitation? Thanks.

    • Pascal Essiembre

      Hi, you will be glad to know that the plugin does not impose such limitations.  The locales shown in the drop-down list when adding a new locale are the ones supported out-of-the-box by your JVM on your OS (they are the supported locales of the java.util.Locale class).  Nothing prevents you from creating locales not represented in the list.

      As far as actually typing the text, the plugin does not impose anything there either.  You should be able to use any language charset supported by your operating system (the plugin suports unicode). 

      Does that answer your question?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It does absolutely. I certainly was missing something. Thanks.


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