#318 Name and Desciption is not taken from config file


Checkstyle Eclipse plugin 5.2, Eclipse 3.6 SR1.

1 Create any checkstyle configuration
2. Add Name and Description
3. save as external file.
4. Delete new created configuration from Checkstyle configuration list.
5. Add the same config file as external config file.

Detected: Name and Description is blank and it force me to change Name. It cause change state if config file is placed in SVN.

Expected: load name and description from file.


  • Lars Koedderitzsch

    That's not exactly a bug since this name and description is "write-only".
    When you take a closer look you see, that it is just written as comment - since a Checkstyle config file has (naturally) no place for such "data".

    If you like I can move this item to the Feature Requests tracker, although I probably won't ever implement it. You can try to provide a patch. though...

  • Roman Ivanov

    Roman Ivanov - 2010-12-03

    Thanks for answer, please move feature requests we will consider patch for this.
    Please also guide us a bit where to fix it, to ease our patching and you approval of this fix.

  • Lars Koedderitzsch

    Theoretically we could store name/description in meta elements of the root checker module.

    There is a mismatch though as the same configuration file can be used by possibly multipe check configurations - I am not sure how this could be handled sensibly.


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