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Release 2.2.40

399 Configuration changes can't be saved

Plugin is sponsored by ALMtoolbox - productivity ClearCase add-on tools (

Posted by Mikael Petterson 2016-01-26 Labels: 2.2.40

Released 2.2.39


396 Preference "Automatically associate to ClearCase on startup" cannot be disabled

Plugin is sponsored by ALMtoolbox - productivity ClearCase add-on tools (

Posted by Mikael Petterson 2015-10-31 Labels: 2.2.39

Relese 2.2.38



393 Error: Format should be 5: or :2015-05-20 or 5:2015-05-20
395 Perform a "clean" checkin


auto_association: Autoassocation has been registered to listeners that reacts on "Open Project" event, "Create/Import Project" event.

Posted by Mikael Petterson 2015-10-04 Labels: 2.2.38

Released 2.2.37



auto_association updated. ( Not merged yet).
auto_association been registered to listeners that reacts on "Open Project" event, "Create/Import Project" event.( Many thanks to ZF Engineering Plzen s.r.o)

134 Possiblity to set number of element for lshistory command


385 Checkout with UCM don't work ( Thanks Hakim).
386 With UCM, SetActivity don't work if you confirm directly the dialog (Thanks again Hakim).
390 Do not use CheckinIdenticalAllowed preference when checking in with cleardlg (Thanks Hakim).
392 Unhijack with Clearcase dialog

Posted by Mikael Petterson 2015-08-22 Labels: 2.2.37

Released 2.2.34

Following is included in this release:


125 Compare with other View ( unix only).
122 Uncheckout unmodified files when checking in
124 Follow ui guidelines regarding ellipses in context menu item labels


366 Better fault message
359 eclipse UI frozen after changing config spec
360 Unable to hijack files (Eclipse 4.1)


365 An internal error occurred during: "Refreshing ClearCase Resource States". ... read more

Posted by Mikael Petterson 2013-08-23

Problem with release 2.2.32


Many people reported problems with 2.2.32. I checked the release and found out that it contained inconsistent files. I apologize for this and will make a new release as soon as I have sequred that it contains what it should and no more or less.


Posted by Mikael Petterson 2013-07-31

Release 2.2.30 is out


349 Using BeyondCompare blocks Eclipse

350 Compare with Predecessor not working with BeyondCompare

352 Renaming a file/folder does not work on first attempt

Posted by Mikael Petterson 2013-04-15

Release 2.2.29 is out.

3036429 Timeout problems with long running cleartool process

3604261 Add filepath to checkout dialog

Posted by Mikael Petterson 2013-02-26

Release 2.2.28 is out.


3600131 Saving from internal compare view saves the wrong version
3600106 Support for BeyondCompare diff tool

Posted by Mikael Petterson 2013-02-03

Release 2.2.27 is out.



3573773 Get rid of manual prompt for vob location
3592132 Prompt user about checkout of dir during refactoring
3571949 Shortcut for Save/Clear/Refresh actions in configspec editor

Posted by Mikael Petterson 2012-12-25

Release 2.2.26 is out.


3578088 Check in blocking eclipse
3586681 Missing view name in "File Checkedout in Other View" dialog
3588725 Another fault in the Merge Diff Preference settings
3589090 Renaming a file does not work


Posted by Mikael Petterson 2012-12-03

Release 2.2.25 is out.



3578088 Check in blocking eclipse
3575729 Saving from compare view doesn't write to disk


Posted by Mikael Petterson 2012-10-26

Release 2.2.24 is out.

I contains a hotfix for Project Set that was broken. The reason that it worked in previous releases was that clearcase call returned an error that was interpreted into an empty java String.



3573460 Path is "none:null" in psf file


Posted by Mikael Petterson 2012-10-04

Release 2.2.23 is out



3571438 Checkin comment lost
3563362 Compare with Predecessor -> Failed to create the part's...(snapshot).

Posted by Mikael Petterson 2012-09-27

Release 2.2.20

Important news!

I you use Project set and the do:

File --> Import --> Team --> Team Project Set

You will have an error messge.

This is due to a feature fix 3459314 we had to change the String
net.sourceforge.eclipseccase.ClearcaseProvider to

since it is the correct name of the class.

My apologies for this. If you want to use the new version, 2.2.20 and onwards, of the plugin you have to change all .psf files used with this tool.... read more

Posted by Mikael Petterson 2012-09-14

Release 2.2.18

I made a quick delivery of this bug fix implementation since it fixes a some very annoying bugs. If you have downloaded 2.2.17 it is important that you follow these instructions:

If you have downloaded 2.2.17 you need to do the following before installing 2.2.18 ( bug fix release).

Remove the file: net.sourceforge.eclipseccase.prefs
in <Eclipse workspace>/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.runtime/.settings... read more

Posted by Mikael Petterson 2012-09-01

Release 2.2.16 is out!

We have now released 2.2.16 with the following changes:

3404270 Sorting history view by columns
3512482 Improved Compare interface
3513979 Search in linked folders when searching for files in branch
3432763 External diff/merge tool support ( first version).


3528604 Error when exporting Team Project Set
3535298 Using check box -master: -nmaster flag is needed.

I want to take the time to welcome a new developer on the project, Mattias Rundgren. He has made contributions with new features in this project.... read more

Posted by Mikael Petterson 2012-06-26

Release 2.2.11

This release contains:

Removed logs that were confusing.
Fixed some minor bugs in UCM that were discovered internally.

Thanks Magnus Mörtberg for input.


Posted by Mikael Petterson 2011-11-21

Release 2.2.10

3419036 Checkout prevent
3404270 Sorting history view by columns

3323197 Option "... (cleardlg executable)" not always respected.
<No number> Removed deault enabled debug for commands sent to clearcase.
3400183 Adding new file don't ask for activity
3324575 Check-out doesn't ask for activity.
3324567 Automatic check-out doesn't work

I also want to send a special thank you to Andrew N. for helping me testing UCM. Thanks for persistence. Also Magnus Mörtberg has tested UCM and provided valuable feedback. ... read more

Posted by Mikael Petterson 2011-11-15

Release 2.2.9

This is mainly a bug fix release.

Fixed Bugs:
3313561 Cannot save changed compare results.
3206198 Cannot bind to an undefined command
3293626 Various Findbugs comments.

New Features:

3190171 Add command in menu to request file mastership.

Posted by Mikael Petterson 2011-06-17

Release 2.2.8

This is a quick release to more urgent assit one of our customers needs.

Fixed Bug:

3198472 New workspace and associate project does not decorate


Posted by Mikael Petterson 2011-03-07

Released 2.2.7

We are proud to announce that 2.2.7 have been released

Fixed Bugs:

3190172 After merge to latest checkin fails with NullPointer
3194838 Add two elements in dir and both not in comment
3190039 Move when parent folder is checkedout fails.
3165182 Linked Child folders inherit parent CC state.
3161412 UnHijack problem

New Features:

2963175: Hijack File

The merge should now support the following scenario: read more

Posted by Mikael Petterson 2011-03-01

New version of plugin released!

We have now the pleasure to serve you a new version of the plug-in. There are some new features like "search files in a branch " as well as a number of bug fixes, like "Cannot save edited cs in dyn view twice".


Posted by Mikael Petterson 2010-11-02

New documentation Wiki

I started a new documentation effort for this plugin. It is hosted as a Wiki, and you all can contribute. Please add to the Wiki, to make it as complete as possible:
Or simply use the "Hosted Apps" link in the navigation bar.

Posted by Achim Bursian 2010-03-03

New Release for Eclipse Galileo

We have a new release out. With the help of Achim we have made tremendous progress the last month. A lot has been done in terms of performance, thanks to Achim. We have also refectored the code base as well as fixed a number of bugs. I also want to thank frederic.belouin for improvements in the gui. I hope that you will be pleased with the effort that we have put in.
My hope is that we now can continue to improve the plugin with all the wishes that you have posted. I have a good feeling that we will be able to do it.... read more

Posted by Mikael Petterson 2010-02-25

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