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path for x86_64 use of EChem++-0.3 released

A patch file was released which allows the (limited) use of EChem++-0.3 on x86_64 architectures.

Posted by Bernd Speiser 2007-03-04

versions 0.3 of EChem++ and ModSim

The most recent versions of EChem++ and ModSim were just released as versions 0.3.

Posted by Bernd Speiser 2006-12-18

Ecco-2.0 released

Version 2.0 of the (electro)chemical compiler Ecco is an updated version with bug fixes, which is consistent with the most recent EChem++/ModSim version 0.2.
For more details see the release notes.

Posted by Bernd Speiser 2006-03-01

EChem++-0.2 released

Version 0.2 of EChem++ (full source code) has been released. It has several bugs fixed, improved
simulation error control and supports XML input/output.

Posted by Bernd Speiser 2006-02-08

example files to be added

Stay tuned for some example files to be added to the download area of EChem++ within the next couple of days. We are preparing a couple of files which can be directly loaded into ModSim and show some of the possibilities of the program.

Posted by Bernd Speiser 2006-01-23

updates and on-line documentation

some small bugs have been fixed in version 0.1.1 of EChem++.

Also, on-line documentation is now available via the home page of the project.

We have recognized some more bugs and will provides fixes or patches soon.

Posted by Bernd Speiser 2006-01-21

EChem++ first release

The first release (version 0.1) of the EChem++ software is now available, providing access to modeling and simulation of molecular electrochemical systems. You can download either the full sources (EChem_++-1.0) or a statically linked version for Linux (ModSim-0.1).

Posted by Bernd Speiser 2006-01-18

EChem++ full package to be released

A full package of the present state of EChem++ will be released soon. This will include the modelling and simulation as well as the analysis modules. In particular, the modelling and simulation part will feature the Ecco kinetic compiler and the adaptive multilevel finite element algorithms for simulation.
Until the package is released, potential users are asked to download the present version from the sourceforge cvs server.

Posted by Bernd Speiser 2005-10-03

version 1.1 of Ecco compiler released

An improved version of the Ecco compiler to translate
a set of (electro)chemical reactions written in the language of chemistry into machine-usable form. The result of the translation process may for example be used to simulate electrochemical processes. See the ChangeLog and ReleaseNotes, as well as the documentation of the EChem++ project for more details.

Posted by Bernd Speiser 2005-02-16

version 1.0 of Ecco compiler released

This is the first version of the (electrochemical) kinetic compiler Ecco.

Posted by Bernd Speiser 2004-09-29

version 0.3 of Experiment released

This updated version includes not only the ExcitationFunction package but also a first implementation of the Experiment sub-package.

Posted by Bernd Speiser 2004-06-17

version 0.1 of Experiment released

EChem++ is an object-oriented approach to electrochemical data generation, simulation and analysis. This initial release provides a small building block of the whole project. We release
code for the so-called excitation function, which
is part of the Experiment module of EChem++. The
excitation function is used to drive an actual
experiment by supplying e.g. a potential to a
potentiostat (through a digital interface), or to define the concentration ratios at the electrode
interface for the calculation of the boundary conditions in a simulation. Other uses are simply possible since all parts of the excitation function are written using C++ template facilities.

Posted by Bernd Speiser 2003-05-10

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