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Mike Hill
  • Mike Hill

    Mike Hill - 2001-04-26

    1. Not being able to have the board and console at the same time is a bit of a problem. Aside from the simple chat aspects, you don't know about draw, abort, etc requests.

    Maybe a pop-up dialog when those are offered as a quick hack (although parsing for that may be more difficult than simply having dual windows).

    Another fairly easy option would be to have a console segment just 4 or 5 lines high above/below the command bar on the game board.

    2. Add either new eboard.conf options (for name/password) or have the ability to run a login script. I understand not wanting to include password for security sake, so a login script option would probably be better.

    Thanks again

    • Felipe Bergo

      Felipe Bergo - 2001-04-27

      1) 0.1.3, which I just uploaded, implements this (Windows menu, Detached Console option).

      2) Yes, in the future, there are more important things to focus now,
      you may wish to add this to the feature request tracker on the project page.

      • Mike Hill

        Mike Hill - 2001-04-28

        Man, you are cranking. Sorry about putting the requests here. New to all this :) Thanks for the patience


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