I stuck some notes on a chess newsgroup, but though I add them here too. Also some points are known.

Some of these issues
are Solaris specific (I'm using a Sun Ultra 80 with Solaris 10), but
some are not OS specific.
1) The configure script checks for the sanity of install, but is not happy.
configuring eboard 0.9.5...
checking sanity of install... FAIL
** install is not working properly.
The first 'install' program found on my search path was Sun's
but there is also the GNU version on the system at
So I changed the order of the search path, so /usr/sbin was after
That solved that problem.

2) gcc 4.1.1 will not build it, complaining about numerous things.  gcc 3.4.3 will.

3) The file proto_xboard.cc
has this line:
but rindex() is a legacy function:

It would be better to usr strrchr instead.

My Solaris box does not have rindex (or at least I did not find it quickly)
But rindex(a,b) is *exactly* the same as strrchr(a,b).
So one just needs to replace the line

4) After building, the binary would not run as it could not find the
That was easy to fix. The directory this is in (/opt/sfw/lib/) was not
in the library search path, so I added it to the end of LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
Adding --extra-ld=/opt/sfw/lib/ to configure did not help, so I had to
edit LD_LIBRARY_PATH. (I'd prefer the directory was hard coded in the
binary, but LD_LIBRARY_PATH will do for now)

5) eboard tries to log onto FICS using port 5000. Not a problem if you
know that, but it is not obvious what port it is using. I believe like
ICC, FICS will work with many ports. So one needs to know which if one
uses a firewall that blocks outgoing traffic (many only block incoming
So I had to open up port 5000 to outgoing traffic at the FICS chess
servers IP address ( on my firewall.

6) It is not very stable on my Solaris 10 box - Not really usable IMHO. It either gives a segmentation fault or locks up.