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Mike Hill
  • Mike Hill

    Mike Hill - 2001-05-04

    I was observing a game and it ended. I couldn't remove that window (btw, having mulitple board windows sure is nice). I tried to unob the game to see if it would kill the window and eboard crashed. I'm using 0.1.5 with the updated proto_xboard library (I hope that's the right terminology). Not a big deal, really.

    • Felipe Bergo

      Felipe Bergo - 2001-05-05

      I noticed this in previous versions and I thought I had fixed it (for I was unable to reproduce). I'll take a deep look at the code tomorrow (sunday) and see if I found out why. If this ever happens again, here are some things you can do to help out:

      -- Whenever you notice that a board that should have been discarded wasn't, send a SIGUSR1 signal (kill -USR1 pid) to the eboard process and send me the output eboard prints on the terminal (xterm) you ran it from.

      -- Report 'peculiarities' of the situation. E.g: the observed game ended right after you started observing it ? Did it have a game number of a game you played or observed earlioer in the same eboard session ? Did you started observing games quickly one after the other ? Were any of the games 'wild variants' ?

      -- If you were running eboard with -log and/or -debug, send me
      (by email) the contents of ~/LOG.eboard and ~/DEBUG.eboard
      (if you are using to login remember to remove occurrences of your password from LOG.eboard before sending it)

      -- 0.1.6 is coming out today and I haven't done anything to fix this yet, so the problem is probably still there)

    • Felipe Bergo

      Felipe Bergo - 2001-05-05

      I think I found and fixed the problem, the changes will be in 0.1.6.


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