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#100 move entering problems



I have big problems with entering moves in eboard (in lightning in paricular). There are two ways to enter a move :
1)Click a square with a piece on it and them click on another square, or

2) Drag & drop.

But there is no way to tell Eboard which one I prefer(it should be in the settings really). So sometimes I click on a square and for some reason eboard thinks that i am going to drug&drop it(i guess my moves are too fast for it) and the piece lands somewhere in the middle of the board between the original square and the one I wanted to move it to.

Could you make a setting in the menu so that it would be possible to just have one input mode working, not both of them(1&2) at the same time ?

great program though ... :)


  • Felipe Bergo

    Felipe Bergo - 2007-01-13

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    Originator: NO

    I'll consider adding an option to disable drag and drop in the next versions.

  • Felipe Bergo

    Felipe Bergo - 2007-01-13
    • priority: 5 --> 4
    • assigned_to: nobody --> bergo
    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    look at thief -- there are 5 input methods and users are allowed to switch between them.

    Maybe I could do this myself, but there are no comments in your code, so it is not very readable.
    Have u seen fvwm2 code ? it is very well commented, so it is easy for strangers to fix it or add features just for themselves :)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Yes! It's very important bug. In fast games (1minute) it's very distrubing. Also sometimes problems when i click on a wrong and empty square, lets say i want to move Ra1-h1. I click by accident b1 and eboards selects this square as an input move! Then when i click a1 it tries to make move b1-a1. In 1 0 games it's very painful.

    Good work, newer eboard is much better then previous releases!


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