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ebills v1.23 with better security

ebills version 1.23 is now released. A major feature of this release is that all customer facing documents are no longer accessible via a url and instead fetched from a private area on your server. This improves the security of web and intranet installations by eliminating the possibility of viewing invoices and customer letters.

A number of bugs are fixed within this release and some enhancements are provided: custom messages on bills now works properly; user email addresses can be changed; payments received functionality has been improved (also supports credit notes); and it allows zero charge items to be included on invoices.... read more

Posted by Mark Asplen-Taylor 2006-02-20

Telephone style billing from ebills 1.19

ebills version 1.19 includes a major update to the billing engine and new billing template that allows telephone and mobile phone operators to create itemised and summarised bills.

There is a minor change to the web server to support this.

This version supports the billing portion of the process, but relies on a spreadsheet input to support rating and call type allocation. This will be automated in a future release.... read more

Posted by Mark Asplen-Taylor 2004-12-03

ebills more customer care and billing

We would like to announce to great releases for ebills:

v1.17 of the web server and billing engine provide custom bill messages per customer or per order. This release also supports a range of exceptions processing, including customer specific tax regimes, currencies and exchange rates.

v1.18 is a Beta release of a customer self-service portal. This allows customers to access their bills, workflow and data to reduce the operational costs of both businesses.... read more

Posted by Mark Asplen-Taylor 2004-10-20

French & German language support

ebills, the web based customer management, workflow and billing solution now includes language support for French and German speaking users.

ebills is written in PHP with MySQL. It provides a professional solution for billing and customer management.

Version 1.16.5 features all natural language extracted into language files. The majority of these have been translated into French and German (a few are in progress). Other languages are expected in due course.... read more

Posted by Mark Asplen-Taylor 2004-08-13

Language support for ebills billing & customer system starts

The mammoth task of extracting all text into language files for the ebills web enabled billing and customer management system has started.

Some translation work is also underway.

The remainder of the work will take a further 2 weeks, but will (at last) see ebills being supportable in a wide variety of languages.

We can only apologise that its only been available in English for so long and thank those who use it in other languages for their tolerance.... read more

Posted by Mark Asplen-Taylor 2004-07-16

New workflow engine in ebills V1.15

Version 1.15 of ebills has an associated Beta of a workflow engine (v1.15.1).

ebills provides a range of billing functions and more recently some powerful customer management functions. It works particularly well when integrated with a client web site.

This release is a major feature upgrade with the launch of a Beta Test workflow engine written in C. This feature runs as a background task and automates a series of reminders and reports. The system is fully configurable through a control file.
Includes alerts, workflow reminders, workflow reports and late payment reminders.... read more

Posted by Mark Asplen-Taylor 2004-07-04

Online workflow and customer management demo

The live ebills demonstrator at sourceforge.net has now been upgraded to include workflow and new customer management features.

All of these features are included in ebills Version 1.14. ebills has for some time allowed bills and customer letters to be created as HTML or PDF files. The online demonstration uses HTML format, however we recommend PDF format for your own systems.

More information at: http://ebills.sourceforge.net, where you can register for the online demo (an account will be created for you and the password emailed directly).

Posted by Mark Asplen-Taylor 2004-06-22

Billing and customer management: ebills V1.14

Version 1.14 of the Billing with ebills web server in PHP with MySQL is now released.

This contains a range of bug fixes and a new "Create sample bill" feature which should help testing the PDF creation process.

A minor change to the workflow functionality is included to resolve some customer problems.

The new HOWTO is also included in this release.

Further information is available from:

Posted by Mark Asplen-Taylor 2004-06-18

ebills billingand customer management HOWTO

Version 1.14 of the Billing with ebills HOWTO is now released.

This contains documentation for Version 1.14 of the PHP server-side application and the C-based billing engine.

Key new features documented include the creation of HTML format customer letters and bills; the use of an automated workflow management system; and improved use of customer and user emails for workflow notifications.

It briefly covers integration with an existing web site - where it fits very well.... read more

Posted by Mark Asplen-Taylor 2004-06-11

ebills: customer management - html bills & improved workflow

Version 1.13 of ebills provides better use of workflow to automatically send customer emails when a work item has been completed. This is a big productivity bonus for businesses that have integrated ebills with web forms on their web site for customer management. Workflow can be used to assist with support requests, web queries, order fulfillment and chasing late payments.

This version also allows invoices and customer letters to be produced in html format as an alternative to PDF.... read more

Posted by Mark Asplen-Taylor 2004-06-01

ebills billing, workflow and customer management

ebills has evolved into a fully functional customer management solution that readily integrates with web sites.

It creates bills and invoices, but also supports rapid creation of customer letters, maintains accurate customer histories and now customer workflow.

The workflow allows easy processing of orders, support requests, enquiries and payment chasing. It works especially well when driven directly from your web site by customer forms and your e-commerce functions.... read more

Posted by Mark Asplen-Taylor 2004-04-26

ebills Version 1.11 released

A minor stable release of ebills, the web billing and customer management solution. It contains the following new features

- assigns a market segment to customers to provide improved reporting
- improved export of customer data (all fields are now exported)
- customers can be searched using the customer reference number

The market segment feature is useful to categorise customers and is very relevant when ebills is integrated into web environments with interfaces to customer registration code etc.... read more

Posted by Mark Asplen-Taylor 2004-03-31

ebills delivers awesome benefits for www.varisite.com

A major customer integration project using ebills, the PHP, MySQL and LaTeX based web billing solution, is now complete. The project allows Cambridge Media Lab Ltd, the UK provider of Varisite self editable web sites, major cost savings in terms of customer management, operational support and customer billing.

ebills has been used by the company for over a year, but over the last 4 months work has focussed on integrating ebills with the administrative systems and customer registration tools. Andrew Haynes, Managing Director of Cambridge Media Lab Ltd said "ebills and the integration withour own systems is awesome and has allowed us to be very very efficient". Mark Asplen-Taylor, the developer of ebills, said "This is a major achievement for us and shows how good open source business software can be levered to deliver client benefit and revenue streams for developers. SourceForge.net has been a great help in this process".... read more

Posted by Mark Asplen-Taylor 2003-11-07

ebills Version 1.10 released

Version 1.10 of ebills contains an update to the web server code, the billing engine and also the howto.

It includes a major change to support fractional product quantities, which allows users to bill non-integer values (e.g. 0.25 days or 0.2 utililisation).

There are also some great improvements to the payments collection facility, including worst debtor reports and better handling of payments.

Finally a number of bugs are fixed.... read more

Posted by Mark Asplen-Taylor 2003-05-16

e-Bills - Improved support for dollar and other tax regimes

Version 1.8 of e-Bills includes better support for Dollar and other tax systems through new configuration parameters. It also includes a dollar based billing template.

The e-Bills Billing Engine now fully supports monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, ten time per year and annual bills. Each bill can include products which are charged on a one-off, weekly, monthly or annual basis.

These new features continue to make e-Bills web enabled billing ideal for any open source business or contractor that sends out invoices.

Posted by Mark Asplen-Taylor 2003-03-28

e-Bills 1.7: fast production of customer letters

Version 1.7 of e-Bills includes a feature to issue letters to customers as Adobe compatible PDF files. It also includes a customer contact history, allowing previous correspondence to be recalled.

This feature has to be one of the fastest methods of producing letters for customers around. It is ideal for sending welcome letters, payment reminders and other correspondence.

This goes alongside a fully featured customer, contract, product and invoice management in a web enabled environment.... read more

Posted by Mark Asplen-Taylor 2003-03-21

e-Bills improved support for Contact Centres

Version 1.6 of e-Bills the web enabled billing software now includes better support for contact centres through the use of customer and contract notes. It also includes the ability to record payments made by a customer and to create a payments due report.

The notes feature allows users to store notes against either a relevant contract or customer for viewing by other users. Notes can be flagged as urgent for follow-up and can be closed when they have been dealt with.... read more

Posted by Mark Asplen-Taylor 2003-03-10

e-Bills demo system live

e-Bills is now available for demonstration on SourceForge.net via ebills.sourceforge.net.

This will allow prospective users and potential project helpers to review the software prior to install.

The current version is now V1.5, which includes some fixes to operate well on the SourceForge servers. It also removes some functionality for users, which do not make sense in a demo environment. Users do, however, get full visibility of the entire package and are welcome to add customer, contract or product data as they wish.... read more

Posted by Mark Asplen-Taylor 2003-02-27

e-Bills comes to SourceForge.net

e-Bills, now at v1.4 is pleased to be hosted by SourceForge.net. It is currently the highest ranked 'web enabled billing' solution by google and looks to improve its capabililties significantly from a feedback from SourceForge users.

e-Bills already boasts a stunning array of features and is targetted at any business that creates invoices to a regular set of customers. Invoices are created as PDF files.... read more

Posted by Mark Asplen-Taylor 2003-02-03

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