#134 EasyEclipse freeze when opening a CSS file first time

version 1.2.2

Hey Team,

I have got that strange problem with my EasyEclipse.

If I open a CSS containing file after starting Eclipse, it freezes for a random time (about half a minute at average) before it continues to work, after that i can open every CSS file easily without delay!

This problem is independent form the editor i use to open the CSS file (Amateras or those other two CSS editors that are offered)

Regards Michael

Further Information:
- Windows XP SP2
- Java 6 Update 3


  • Philippe Ombredanne

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    Originator: NO

    Is that just for CSS, and no other files? And only when you just started?
    It could be that the plugins for CSS editing get activated..

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Its file-independent. I can open a HTML-File that contains some CSS script -> Freeze.
    Its only when i open such a file for the first time.
    How is it possible that activating the CSS plugins lasts that long? (freeze for 20sec - 60sec).

    By the way i got a AMD64 X2 4600+, 2 GB Ram on that machine.


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