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Nlog selected as logging framework

Nlog has been selected as the embedded logging/debugging .Net framework.

Posted by hamish 2007-01-09

EAPS close to releasing Alpha version of software

Just a quick update to say that we will soon be releasing a very limited functionality alpha version of EAPS - more like a proof of concept...

Posted by hamish 2006-12-18

Draft version of C# coding standards added

The draft version of the proposed C# coding standards to be used for th eproject have been added to the project under the EAPS_Documents section of the Files area.

Posted by hamish 2006-09-26

EAPS goes pre-alpha

EAPS has moved into a pre-alpha stage, along with the planning stage. A simple prototype of the first ANN has been developed using the fannexplorer tool that comes with the FANN toolkit. It is very simplistic and has a very limited number of inputs.

Posted by hamish 2006-09-08

EAPS Initial overview document released

The initial high levler overview document of the EAPS project has been released in file downloads under the EAPS_doco package.

Posted by hamish 2006-09-06

Welcome to the EAPS project

Hi and welcome to EAPS. Shortly I will be posting a bit more information on this project including more detail on its aims, design, technologies and the expected project phases.

Posted by hamish 2006-08-30